Jason's Ex is Jealous Of Britney, She tells how Jason became 'Besotted' with Britney..

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THE ex-sweetheart of the hunk who married Britney Spears has been left devastated, pals said last night.

Pretty Corie Miller, 22, had dated handsome Jason Alexander since she was 17 and had expected to become his wife.

Friends said she was “madly in love” with him until he suddenly dumped her last month after becoming besotted with pop queen Britney.

He and the superstar singer, both 22 and from the same town of Kentwood, Louisiana, had a “wild” 5.30am marriage in Las Vegas at the weekend.

But it was annulled within 48 hours after they realised they had made a mistake and contacted advisers.

Friends said the first Corie knew of it was seeing it on the news. One said: “She screamed out loud and burst into tears.

“She is really, really upset. I don’t know if she has managed to speak to Jason but I think there are a few things she wants to say to him.”

Corie and Jason were photographed together at their high school prom in 2000, with her looking stunning in a red evening gown.

She was the captain of the cheerleading team at private Oak Forest Academy in Amite, Louisiana, and considered “the catch of the school”.

One pal said: “They had a tumultuous relationship but Corie fully expected them to get engaged and marry. But he suddenly dumped her just before Christmas. Next thing she knew, he was hanging around with Britney.

“She was upset enough about that but when she heard about the marriage, she was devastated. This has really kicked Corie down.”

Another friend said: “Jason was a real wild child at school, the class clown. Everything was a joke to him.

“He and Corie were very much together but he cheated on her a lot. I think she probably knew but she turned a blind eye. But this thing with Britney was a real shocker.”

Corie, who is from a wealthy family, was said to be “an all-American girl” who is a regular churchgoer and student at university in Baton Rouge, near New Orleans.

Meanwhile staff and customers at Jason’s local bar described him as a “ferocious fighter” who once had a brawl broken up by police using pepper spray.

Security guard Chris Gautier, 25, who works at Extra Innings in Hammond, Louisiana, said: “He has an extremely short fuse. He’s had his fair share of fights here.”

Jason’s sister Amanda, 18, dismissed his boozy Vegas wedding as “something crazy” for New Year, adding: “We all knew it was just a joke.”

Source: The Sun

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