More Info On 'Toxic' Video – J Kahn Says We'll See Funny Side Of Britney

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Joseph Kahn (director of ‘Toxic’) is preparing to bring us a new, funnier Britney.
He reports we’re going to see “a whole new Britney Spears” in her next music video, “Toxic,” which is currently being edited.

“You don’t really see any funny Britney Spears videos, but this is one that will be,” he says.

Kahn tells us that Britney “is a really funny girl. For all the sexiness she exudes and the sort of wildness about her, there’s also this sweet, Southern girl with an incredible sense of humor. And it’s a very friendly sense of humor, never at anyone’s expense. It’s very refreshing.”

In the video, Britney tracks down her spy agent boyfriend through Tokyo, Paris and London, then administers a fatal dose of poison to the cheating scum, played by “The Ring” hottie Martin Henderson.

“It’s very slick and big budget,” says Kahn, who’s also helmed videos for the likes of Eminen, Janet Jackson and Destiny’s Child. “You’ll see Britney with red hair and black hair, in lots of different outfits. But more importantly, you’re going to see the funny Britney. You know how normally she’s making out with some sexy guyin her videos? In the opening of this video, she’s kissing a 200-pound computer programmer looking dude. I talked to the guy who played him afterward and he said it was the pinnacle of his life.”

We bet.

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