'Onyx Hotel' Is A Real Hotel Opening In Boston!

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Britney Spears is calling her upcoming concerts the Onyx Hotel Tour—which came as a big surprise to some folks who are opening the Onyx Hotel in Boston this spring.

“We actually had some fans working for us who went onto her Web site and found out she was calling her tour by the same name,” a spokesman for Kimpton Hotels, which is opening the 112-room Onyx Hotel in April, told The Scoop.

Here’s how Spears’ Web site explains the tour’s name: “The Onyx Hotel is a unique, mysterious hotel powered by an onyx stone. Each guest who enters this hotel shines their own light into the onyx, and in return, makes their fantasies come to life.” That’s pretty much the same thinking that went into naming the Boston hotel, says the spokesman, who claims that similar language was used in the hotel promotional material. Kimpton trademarked the name Onyx Hotel last January, he says, but don’t expect the group to sue Spears. “We were thrilled,” he tells The Scoop. “We will offer her a night’s stay there. In fact we’d like to go so far to say that we would like to create a Britney Spears Onyx Hotel Room.”

No word on whether or not it’s the bridal suite.

Source: MSNBC

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