Jason Alexander Was Payed Over £300K ($500K+) For Anulling Britney without Fuss

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THE childhood sweetheart of BRITNEY SPEARS has got to be one of the luckiest men on the planet.
Not only did JASON ALEXANDER get to marry the Princess of Pop — it now looks like he also got paid a fortune for his troubles.

It has been alleged that Jason has been given a £300,000 sweetener to end their shock marriage of just 55 hours.

By my calculations, that’s a whopping £5,454 for every hour they were officially an item. Not a bad little earner.

He was also said to have been tempted by an extra £40,000 cash so he wouldn’t lay claim to half of Britney’s £60million fortune.

Britney and Jason stunned the world when they tied the knot at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas on January 2 after two days of boozy partying.

But Britney soon had second thoughts about the impulsive nuptials.

The morning after getting hitched she broke the news to her mum LYNNE, who immediately instructed lawyers to get the marriage struck off.

After hours of tense negotiations with Britney’s advisers, Jason is said to have agreed to the annulment — and has been rewarded with the princely sum.

It has also been suggested getting the marriage dissolved was made easier by the fact the couple hadn’t, er, consummated the marriage.

The allegations Jason has been paid off come just as Britney broke her silence about the 5am marriage, which she has already dubbed her “big mistake”.

The star said: “I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, I totally do. But I was in Vegas and it took over me.

“We did it because we were in Vegas and we hit it off completely.”

The star also said she couldn’t understand all the fuss that surrounded the wedding.

Britney added: “We landed on Mars that day — why aren’t they talking about that?”

But interestingly, when asked whether she still had feelings for Jason, she refused to comment. (So that’s a yes, then.)

Since the ceremony — during which the bride wore a baseball cap and ripped jeans — university student Jason has been lying low in the Bible belt town of Kentwood, Louisiana, where he grew up with his now ex-wife.

A source close to Britney said: “Whether there was any money offered is being kept a big secret.

“I know that her advisers went mad when she told them and were desperate to get the marriage annulled.

“They were terrified she might have to give away half her earnings, but luckily that crisis was averted.”

Source: The Sun

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