Info on the Roman Pepsi Commercials called 'Dare For More'

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Britney Spears gets ready for action in a new Gladiator-style ad for Pepsi.

Fellow pop princesses Beyonce and Pink also star in the clash of the pop titans.

In the multi-million dollar ad, Enrique Iglesias plays an evil emperor while the girls battle it out in outfits skimpier than anything Russell Crowe would have worn.

The ad, filmed in Rome, will hit screens early this year.

Britney said: “I’m such a huge fan of Pink and Beyonce. They’re amazing artists so to be in their company is very cool.”

And Pink said starring in the ad for the fizzy drinks giant was a giggle.

“I’ve never been in a commercial before so just that in itself was pretty exciting to me,” she said. “I always thought I would never take a can and sip it and go `aaah’ but I’m doing it now so it’s pretty funny.”

Source: The Age

If anyone knows when these commercials will start to air please email [email protected] so that I can cap them..cus It looks like they’re going to be shown in the UK because pepsi UK released the pictures on their site!

So, If anyone has any information regarding the date..please send me a message! 🙂

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