Britney Attends Kabbalah Class..

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WITH all her millions, you’d think BRITNEY SPEARS could afford a hat that fits.

The singer’s face was almost covered by her huge cap as she sneaked out to a Kabbalah class in Beverly Hills.

She seems to have turned to the trendy religion for guidance after her disastrous quickie marriage to childhood pal JASON ALEXANDER in Las Vegas.

Britney has followed MADONNA into the mystical faith and seems intent on cleansing her soul. Is that a bottle of holy water, Britney?

Source: The Sun

I wonder what is taught at a Kabbalah class…it must be interesting, otherwise she wouldn’t go there. I don’t understand why they say she’s doing this because of her ‘marriage’ in Las Vegas, because she has been following Kabbalah for months..months before the marriage.

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