Britney Moved By Service In California

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BRITNEY Spears became Britney Tears during an emotional church service in California.

The 22-year-old singer and her mum Lynne hugged each other as they got caught up in the highly charged ceremony.

The religious get-together was at the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, which aims to win back lost souls.

At the end of the sermon, Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer asked those who had been moved by his sermon to come forward.

The pop princess and her mum dried their eyes with tissues and walked hand in hand to the front of the church.

Britney, who was escorted into the church by two bodyguards, had stopped at the church on the way to a photo-shoot in Santa Monica.

She wore a black V-neck top and trousers, sunglasses and a Trilby hat.

One onlooker said: ”Britney came in very quietly but lots of people spotted her. Some couldn’t believe that she was there.

”It was a really powerful, emotional service and Britney was obviously very touched.”

ATV crew filmed the service and some cynics reckoned Britney’s tears were a headline-grabbing stunt comparing it to Janet Jackson’s breast-flashing at the Super Bowl last week.

But others thought she was feeling guilty after her recent wedding to childhood pal Jason Alexander lasted all of 55 hours. They tied the knot at the 24-hour Little White Chapel in Las Vegas after a two-day drinking spree.

Jason reportedly received a £307,000 pay-off when the marriage was annulled.

Amazingly, Britney insists she still believes in the sanctity of marriage.

She added: ”But I was in Vegas and it took over meand things got out of hand.”

The singer has ditched her Southern girlnext-door image in favour of a grungy look.

Last week she shocked shoppers at a Beverly Hills mall by wearing a belt with ”F *** you” on the buckle and a skull and crossbones ring.

Source: Daily Record & Anneli

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