Christina Talks Britney On TRL

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TRL: Things take things out of context. So i want to give you the opportunity to clear up some of the things you’ve been quoted as saying. “Blender” magazine.

Christina: Infamiliarous “blender” thing thing .

TRL: As they wrote it “she seems like a lost little girl. In our world there are different types of entertainers. Have you anker your artists and you have your entertainers. I’m an artist and she’s a — well” is that what you really think?

Christina: I’ve known britney for a long, long time. You know, i really had the first time to really full-on interact with her or have a chance to really see her at — she retaliated, might i add, in an issue of her own, follow-up, but it was still the magazine pitting us — they so knew what they were doing, just — because I’m an honest person. And they just took my honesty and turned it around and made it seem like i was putting a dig in there. You know — []

TRL: So you got love for britney?

Christina: I think she’s a great girl. You know —

[ Laughter ] No, i do.

TRL: Okay.

Christina: I do. You know, i do.

TRL: But it’s kind of a —

[ Laughter ] — A prehencive love, conditional love.

Christina: No, i don’t want you to get me wrong. No she’s a sweet girl. This business can make anybody a little just — you know, in a — caught in a whirm wind and caught up in the wrong things. So you know, just, you know, get back to basics, britney.

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