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Britney Moved By Service In California

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BRITNEY Spears became Britney Tears during an emotional church service in California.

The 22-year-old singer and her mum Lynne hugged each other as they got caught up in the highly charged ceremony.

The religious get-together was at the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, which aims to win back lost souls.

At the end of the sermon, Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer asked those who had been moved by his sermon to come forward.

The pop princess and her mum dried their eyes with tissues and walked hand in hand to the front of the church.

Britney, who was escorted into the church by two bodyguards, had stopped at the church on the way to a photo-shoot in Santa Monica.

She wore a black V-neck top and trousers, sunglasses and a Trilby hat.

One onlooker said: ”Britney came in very quietly but lots of people spotted her. Some couldn’t believe that she was there.

”It was a really powerful, emotional service and Britney was obviously very touched.”

ATV crew filmed the service and some cynics reckoned Britney’s tears were a headline-grabbing stunt comparing it to Janet Jackson’s breast-flashing at the Super Bowl last week.

But others thought she was feeling guilty after her recent wedding to childhood pal Jason Alexander lasted all of 55 hours. They tied the knot at the 24-hour Little White Chapel in Las Vegas after a two-day drinking spree.

Jason reportedly received a £307,000 pay-off when the marriage was annulled.

Amazingly, Britney insists she still believes in the sanctity of marriage.

She added: ”But I was in Vegas and it took over meand things got out of hand.”

The singer has ditched her Southern girlnext-door image in favour of a grungy look.

Last week she shocked shoppers at a Beverly Hills mall by wearing a belt with ”F *** you” on the buckle and a skull and crossbones ring.

Source: Daily Record & Anneli

In The Zone Climbs Another 3 Places on the UK album chart!

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10 (3) Elephunk Black Eyed Peas A&M
11 ( ) Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters Polydor
12 (6) Tears Roll Down – Greatest Hits 82-92 Tears For Fears Fontana
13 (10) Speakerboxxx/The Love Below Outkast Arista
14 (9) Fallen Evanescence Epic/Wind-Up
15 (18) Come Away With Me Norah Jones Parlophone
16 (13) Frank Amy Winehouse Island
17 (20) In The Zone Britney Spears Jive
18 (16) Softly With These Songs – The Best Of Roberta Flack Atlantic
19 (11) Friday’s Child Will Young S
20 (12) Greatest Hits Red Hot Chili Peppers Warner Bros

YaY! Keep buying people! 😀

Britney & Beyonce: Best Of Friends

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Britney Spears – what is this girl going to do next?

Well I can tell you this one-time God-fearing pop star has, of late, gone off the rails.

But she’s now teamed up with fellow pop icon Beyonce for a worldwide soft drinks ad which also stars Pink and Enrique.

The pair have formed a close friendship – so much so that it’s now a case of move over Madonna and come on in Beyonce.

The two are planning a follow-up duet for Beyonce’s new solo album.

The news on the street is that it won’t be a cover, and both girls will have a hand in writing it.

Can this be Britney’s salvation?

Source: Sky News & Anneli

Britney & Jason Still An Item

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Britney Spears is reportedly still seeing the man she married for just a few hours in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Sources told the Daily Star that Spears and Jason Alexander remain close and may even marry again.

The pop princess grew up with Alexander in the small town of Kentwood Louisiana and had an “on-off” relationship that is now “more serious”, the sources said.

The 22-year-old lovebirds were married for just 55-hours after their “crazy” alcohol-fuelled wedding in January.

Both described the nuptials as a “joke gone too far” and the marriage was quickly annulled.

But sources said Britney’s family were the main reason the marriage ended and the singing star continues to wear the silver wedding band Alexander gave her.

One said: “Her family want her to date him for a while. If they do it the right way, her folks will let them get remarried.”

Source: Sky News & Anneli

Britney Finally Opens Up About Her Anulled Marriage to Jason Alexander

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Say, whatever happened to that sweet superstar BRITNEY SPEARS? Yes, Britney has been laying low since the media explosion over her quickie marriage and subsequent annulment to good friend JASON ALLEN ALEXANDER last month. She thought we’d forgotten, didn’t she? But our STEVEN COJOCARU just couldn’t let that continue! He’s the only one the hit-maker is talking to about why she decided to spontaneously tie — and then untie — the knot.

“I’m really impressed with you,” Cojo tells her on tonight’s ET. “You’re plugging away, doing all these things and have all these projects going on with all this dish around you. So, it’s coming — we’re going to do the marriage question. Let’s breathe. It’s not going to be that bad, but here we go. You said it was a joke, you got carried away. I get carried away in Vegas … so I think the question is — what were you thinking?”

“Honestly, I really wanted to see what it was like to be married,” she reveals. “Maybe that sounds silly, but, in that moment, I was with a friend that I love dearly and I wanted to do something wild and crazy and I wanted to get married. So that’s why I did it.”

Britney says that since then she doesn’t give much thought to rumor-spreading, tabloid gossip. “I try not to pay attention to what the headlines say,” she tells Cojo. “I just focus on my work because the media always tries to capture your personal life. Since that happened (wedding) it’s made me definitely want to think about what I do a little more because they blow it way out of proportion.”

Then Cojo asks the chart-topper, who claims she’s just a normal girl who loves coffee, magazines and watching “Sex and the City” with friends, “When you were a kid and dreamed of becoming a singer and being well known, did you know fame would be this rough?”

“I don’t think it’s rough,” she says. “It’s intense. I have to say I chose this for my life and I feel very blessed. There are always ups and downs with anything that you do. At first, when I was young, it was very cool in a way because I was naive and oblivious to the whole thing … but once you get older you become a little bit more aware, which is kind of a sad thing. Sometimes I try and snap into that mode of ‘You know what?’ ‘You just have to live your life and do what you love to do and move on and focus on positive things.'”

Work, work and more work is one way Britney is moving on. Her Onyx Hotel Tour starts on March 2nd and Cojo gets the scoop on why she named it after the mystical black stone. “It’s in mines in India and people go to these stones to see them because they’re so powerful,” she says. “Supposedly they ward off evil … whenever light is reflected on it the stone changes colors, and I thought it was symbolic to what I do.”

“I like ‘Britney Is on Fire — The Tour’ or ‘Don’t Mess with Britney,'” Cojo says giving his two cents.

Britney says she wants her fans to walk away from the show with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “I would want them to say, ‘That was just the most amazing experience that I just had of my life.’ Kind of like the feeling you get watching a strong movie where you go through all these different emotions. There’s moments where you want to cry and moments where you’re so into it. It’s very theatrical and very well thought out.”

“We’re talking a spectacle here … this is going to be wow, wow, wow!” Cojo exclaims.

Source: ET Online

Britney to be Part of Football (Soccer) tournament?

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Real Madrid and Manchester United will be a part of Benfica’s Centenary tournament on February 28th.

Another top European club (probably from the Seire A) will also be a part of the fesitivites in Lisbon at the new Estadio Da Luz.

According to the Spanish press (Marca), organizers of the event are also in advanced talks with Britney Spears, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem and U2 to play at the weekend-long event.

Source: Soccer Age