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Britney's One Night Stand

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A HARD-UP college student today reveals how pop queen Britney Spears chatted him up on a blind date—and then took him to bed.

Hunky Tom Witchey lived out the dreams of millions of men as the blonde beauty drank martinis with him before leading him down to a beach to go skinny dipping.

After she ordered him to strip on the sand, Tom swept a naked Britney off her feet and carried her into the waves.

As they returned from the moonlight swim with two of her pals these pictures were taken by a photographer.

Just minutes later she took Tom back to her hotel for a breathtaking night of passion.

“It sure beat the hell out of doing homework,” says Tom, 21, who is studying communications. “I was blown away every time I thought, ‘This is Britney Spears I’m lying here with’.

“She was in great shape and is a very good lover, very creative and very experienced. She took the upper hand and pretty much told me what she wanted me to do to her.

“I went on for about as long as I could. It was very intense.”

Strapping six-footer Tom today relives his astonishing romp with Britney… with the multi-millionaire singer’s blessing.

The two have stayed pals since their one-night stand—and he called her to get the OK for his exclusive interview with the News of the World.

Tom’s adventure began when he bumped into two of Britney’s pals—Charissa Seaman and her boyfriend, Josh Clephas—in a bar in Los Angeles last summer.

Little did he know that Charissa—a dancer for 22-year-old Britney—was on the lookout for a hunk to go on a blind date with her famous friend.

Days later Tom—who lives in a modest apartment—got a call from Josh.


“He told me he was going up to Santa Barbara to meet Charissa and that Britney Spears would be there. I thought wow—that’ll be great.

“But I never in a million years expected anything to happen between us.”

When they arrived at the bar of the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel, Tom was nervous about meeting the world-famous star.

“But she just leapt out of her chair and said, ‘Hi, I’m Britney’,” he says. “She was trying to be incognito, so she was wearing a baseball cap pulled down low over her eyes, an off-the-shoulder top and jeans.

“Funnily enough, I’d never really fancied Britney Spears before—but in a situation like this, it was a lot different.

“She wasn’t anything like I expected. She was very relaxed and carefree. She wasn’t aloof or acting like a superstar.”

After spending the evening knocking back apple martinis, a tipsy Britney suggested they all go down to a nearby beach.

“We sat on the sand chatting, and then we started playing truth or dare,” says Tom. “Britney dared me to run into the ocean in my boxers. The trouble was, I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“So she said, ‘I guess you’ve got no choice. You’ll just have to run into the water with nothing on.’ So I did.

“Then I was dared to kiss Britney. She was a fantastic kisser and it lasted quite a few seconds—and it was just the icebreaker we needed.

“After that we all went skinny dipping. I picked Britney up and ran into the water with her. I figured I’d make the most of the moment. ”

But just as they were all putting their clothes back on at the end of the dip, a photographer started taking pictures.

Quick-thinking Josh scooped the giggling pop star into his arms to try to divert attention away from her real love interest for the evening—Tom.

So the snaps appeared in magazines worldwide, wrongly linking Britney with her best pal’s boyfriend—and making little mention of the shy bronzed lad tagging along behind.

But back at the Four Seasons hotel—where Britney was staying—there was no keeping the pair apart.

Tom really got the message when Britney went to her bedroom in her luxury suite, leaving him with Charissa on the sofa. “Charissa told me Britney wanted a one-night stand with me. I was like, ‘Well that’s a great idea’ but I didn’t believe it,” says Tom.

“Then Charissa went to bed and Britney popped her head round the door and asked if everyone was gone.


“I followed her back into her bedroom. She was in a see-through tank top and pyjama bottoms. We started kissing and our clothes just came off at the same time.

“I was taken aback by how spontaneous she was. She was definitely in charge but it worked out for both of us. I like to pleasure a girl and she definitely wanted that.

“But the sex wasn’t anything kinky—no craziness. Just very slow and gentle in the beginning but, once it heated up, it got more intense.” After their sex session, Britney told Ohio-born Tom he was her second one-night stand.

“She said she’d slept with another guy and when he left she pretended to be asleep because she felt so embarrassed,” says Tom.

“Then she told me about her worst sexual experience, with her dance arranger Wade Robson, which broke up her thing with Justin Timberlake.

“She said sex with Wade was good and bad because he was really freaky and kinky. Justin found out about the relationship because Wade told him.”

Tom and Britney eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“We spent the whole of the next day hanging out together at the hotel spa,” he recalls.

“That night we didn’t have sex because Josh and Charissa were around. We just cuddled up and had a deep conversation about life.

“Britney said she didn’t want the Hollywood thing. She wanted a family with a house in the middle of nowhere, where she wouldn’t be bothered. Like that’s going to happen!”

Britney flew off to Las Vegas the following day and Tom returned from his summer holidays to his studies in New York. He says they’ve kept in touch on the phone.


“She told me last month that she wanted to hang out with me again in July once her tour has finished. We’ll have to see what happens then,” says Tom.

“But I realise she’s not around to make dates. She has much bigger priorities than me. Still, I’m cool with that. I’ll just go with the flow.

“You never know—maybe things will work out between us.”

Source: News Of The World

This doesn’t sound real to me, even though there are photos it doesn’t prove anything.

Britney & Collin Farrell Sharing Another Fling?

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According to Us Weekly, Britney Spears and Colin Farrell have been spending weekends together. “Anytime she wasn’t out shooting her video” for the new single ‘Everytime,’ Spears and Farrell were “up at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” according to the source. A friend of Farrell’s added, “He knows she’s very young. It’s just a fling. Colin is being careful not to let Britney get too attached to him.”

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Britney Thinks She Looks Like 'A Blimp'

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Britney Spears begged designers to airbrush photos for her world tour — because she looked too fat in them.
The Onyx Hotel Tour snaps reportedly featured the singer looking bloated and chunky, until they were digitally slimmed down to resemble her trademark svelte body.

And Britney’s personal trainer Bobby Strom has exposed several sources behind her fluctuating weight, including her mom Lynne’s home cooking.

He says, “Her mind has not been in the right place for working out. She’s had lots of stuff to get sorted in her head and her personal life lately. But I think that she’s over it and back on course, mentally and physically. I’m sure I’ll be seeing her again soon.

“She’s fond of her mom’s food but it tends to be carb heavy and calorific. I’ve told her to cut out barbecue sauces and gravies, and eat more protein — especially on tour. She also needs complex carbs such as brown rice, veggies and wholegrain breads.”

A source tells Britain’s Star magazine Britney, 22, was devastated by her appearance in the photos, and complained to her promoters, “I look like a blimp, so do something about it. I need to look perfect — better than perfect.”

Source: SF

Britney to advertise For Budweiser Later This Year

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Budweiser signed pop singer Britney Spears to a multi-year endorsement deal for its flagship brand. The first TV spot featuring the pop star will air during the third quarter of 2004. Spears, 22, will also appear on Budweiser displays and take part in consumer promotions such as ticket giveaways. Additionally, the beer giant will cosponsor her world tour now in progress.Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. “Brand Budweiser wants to connect with young adults. The best way to do that is through music,” said Dave Burwick, Budweiser North America’s vp-marketing for carbonated alcoholic beverages. “She’s the one icon that really has broad appeal and, more importantly, is strong with hip young adults.” Some parents have expressed outrage about the endorsement. “What message is she sending to kids everywhere?” said Julie Barnes whose 12 year old daughter is a fan of the artist.

Source: NY Online

UK & European Fans: Meet Britney On Tour

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Britney Spears is about to do the biggest tour of her life – Wanna know how she does it? MTV are giving you and a friend the chance to get into her “Zone” for an exclusive, behind the scenes taste of how she prepares for her Onyx Hotel Tour 2004!

You’ll go backstage to pick up cool tips from her stylist, learn a few dance moves with her choreographer, fumble through her glam wardrobe then finally meet the fabulous Britney Spears, in the flesh!

Runner-up winners will also get special VIP tickets to your nearest gig. So, are you ready to get in Britney’s “Zone”? All you have to do is answer this easy quetsion:

What is the name of Britney’s current single?
(a) Toxic Waste
(b) Toxic
(c) Botox

To enter go to the Competition Page

To view the terms and conditions of this competition (must read before entry) Click Here

Note that you need to be over 18 to enter, hold a valid UK or EU Citizen passport and be free to travel between 7-20May 2004.

Good Luck everyone!

Jessica Simpson: "Britney Sells Sex, Not Music"

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Singer Jessica Simpson has lambasted her pop contemporaries for using sex to sell records, and vows never to resort to such degenerate methods.
Newlyweds reality TV star Simpson, 23, singles out Britney Spears as the main culprit, and believes the Toxic singer is fully aware that her raunchy image is largely responsible for her popularity, not her musical talent, reports rate the

“You don’t need to be going there unless your career is based on that sort of thing, and mine certainly isn’t.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society, you have to be everything, and sex sells. I think she knows what works for her and what’s gotten her to where she is right now.

“I don’t think we see eye-to-eye on the situation, because for me, I would rather sell my music.

“I don’t want it to be about my sexuality”, Simpson was quoted as saying by the report.

Source: Web India

Well maybe Jessica Simpson needs to take a leaf out of Britney’s book seen as she has no fans anymore 😉

Britney Spears Voted World's Sexiest Female

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Pop diva Britney Spears has been voted the world’s sexiest woman.

The annual poll for lads magazine FHM saw the Born To Make You Happy singer knock last year’s winner, actress Halle Berry, off the top of the list.

Former S Club singer Rachel Stevens is Britain’s sexiest woman, finishing at number two overall.

John Leslie’s former girlfriend Abi Titmuss came a lowly 95th on the FHM 100 Sexiest Woman poll.

US singer Beyonce Knowles is the world’s third sexiest woman, followed by Starsky and Hutch actress Carmen Electra, singer Holly Valance, Bond star Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez at number seven.

Glamour model Jordan – last year’s number 25 – has moved up the list to number eight.

Britney, 22, has had a rollercoaster few months. She sparked controversy by kissing queen of pop Madonna at the MTV Awards last August and in January she wed childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas. The marriage was annulled 55 hours later.

This year’s highest new entry is EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan, who plays the soap’s Zoe Slater, at number 22.

FHM’s editor David Davies said: “It’s great to see Britney Spears at the top of the list. She’s had an exciting if controversial 12 months but throughout everything she has always remained sexy.”

FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2004: (2003 position in brackets); 1 Britney Spears (3); 2 Rachel Stevens (4); 3 Beyonce Knowles (15); 4 Carmen Electra (5); 5 Holly Valance (2); 6 Halle Berry (1); 7 Jennifer Lopez (6); 8 Jordan (25); 9 Angelina Jolie (32); 10 Elisha Cuthbert (14)

Source: Ananova

Britney in Broadway?

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Amazing as it sounds, Britney Spears has set her sights on Broadway and is considering the role of Eliza Doolittle in a revival of My Fair Lady.

The pop star would have to work with a dialect coach to get rid of her Southern accent and replace it with a cockney one, then learn to speak upper class English.

The pop star is also hoping to follow in Halle Berry’s footsteps and become the next Bond girl. She’s even had meetings with Bond producers trying to convince them to cast her as the sexy villain. The film, due out in 2005, will almost certainly be Pierce Brosnan’s last turn at 007.

Source: ICWales