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'Audience Response Has Been Fabulous' – Lynnes Corner

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Gosh-it’s St. Paddy’s Day already & I’m just realizing it’s been a long time since I’ve written to catch y’all up! So sorry! Been a tad bit busy!!

Ok-the shows have been going great & the audience response has been FABULOUS!! The energy in the arenas is so positive & overwhelming!

Last week, we had the day off in Portland Oregon, & I didn’t write because I was so busy, but selfishly so!! Brit & I both slept in, then went for a yummy lunch & then walked the streets of Portland shopping! The day was beautiful & our spirits light! You would know, Brit found an Urban Outfitters & had a blast trying on vintage T’s & cute funky hats! Then, on to buy a cute purse with a “B” on it for her & a few cute trinkets for the bus.

Now, the best part of the day. Brit wanted to do something really special for her Band & Dancers to thank them for all their hard work so far. So, she decided to take the Dancers all for a fabulous Spa Night & I got the pleasure of taking the Band to the Nike Employee Store for discount shopping!!

The Spa was all set for them to just relax & enjoy treatments. They even had fruit & cheese & crackers for them to munch on in between the manicures & pedicures, massages, & wraps!! It was a great bonding time for them as well, seeing where they’ve been working so hard & not getting to focus on how each person’s personality fits together so well to make this tour so exciting and fun!

And I got the pleasure of taking the Band to The Nike Store where they gave us a HUGE discount & then even treated the guys to a few things too! It was so much fun for me to see these big Band guys running around happily shopping!!

After a fun day off, it was back to work, but all our spirits were refreshed & happy so we totally didn’t mind! Then on to Seattle. I must say, the crowd there was AMAZING!! I promise you-their screams were deafening!

After Seattle, Me & Brit & Tony & Moe scooted back to L.A. to shoot the “Everytime” video. It is a very special song, so the video had to be extra special to represent it. Brit picked David LaChappelle to film it for her. After talking with him Brit realized that he could totally capture the vision she had for this song. It won’t be out for a few weeks, but we’ll keep you updated on when to look for it!!

Now, we are on the road again and are focusing on the Showtime Special set to air Sunday, March 28th. Gotta tighten up all the numbers so all of you that haven’t seen it yet can finally see this fabulous show that I’ve been bragging about!!

More soon!! Til next time-keep smiling!!

Written March 17th 2003 by Lynne Spears for

Official Jive Records Press Release

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“Due to an unfortunate knee injury Britney Spears suffered towards the end of her show last night in Moline, IL, she will not be performing tonight at the Allstate Arena as scheduled. Please hold on to your tickets until further notice later today.”

The tour is expected to resume as normal on Sunday in Detroit.

Thanks to Rosianna for the information.

Rumoured 'Everytime' Video Plot From US Weekly (Spoilers)

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1. The freaks and midgets all play the role of the paprazzi. Their job is to “swarm” her and her boyfriend (Stephen Dorf) and create chaos. As they try to get into the hotel, the paparzzi creates a frenzy by going after them.

2. Once they’re in the hotel, the storyline picks up with the fight between her and her boyfriend and with her going into the bathroom (like the MTV article said). Here is where the story changes. It is still a bit like the suicide story, in the sense that Britney dies in the tub, but rather, it is depicted as an accidental death. I dont know how they do it, but thats what the article said.

3. As for the surprise ending, here it is. At the end, they rush Britney to the hositpal to try and revive her. However, it does not work and Britney dies. You then see her spirit leave her body and walk into another room. A second later, a newborn baby and the baby’s mother comes out of the same room. So although Britney as we know her is gone, her spirit still lives on. As one life ends, one begins. Britney is reborn.

Thanks Brazuka06 from the forums.

Britney Gets Hurt In Moline Show

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Unfortunately, Britney was unable to finish her tour set last night in Moline, Illinois, because halfway through her ‘I’ve got that boom boom’ performance, Britney’s legged slipped and she twisted it. Fans could see the look of pain on her face as she slipped. She was unable to finish the ‘I’ve got that boom boom’ performance and didn’t perform the encore – “Me against the music”. One of her dancers helped her off the stage after her fall, and she came back on stage 10 minutes later to announce that she couldn’t finish the show. She appologized to fans, then dissapeared backstage.

This could mean that Britney will be forced to cancel tonights show in Chicago, Illinois, or even prospone or delay the tour completely. Let’s hope that she will be fine for tonight’s performance!

New Video Too Hot For TV?

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Spears’ new video for ‘Everytime,’ shot in Los Angeles with raunchmaster David LaChappelle, is so racy it might not pass the censors at MTV. ‘The video has midgets, freaks and strippers,’ said one source. ‘It’s about her relationship with Justin [Timberlake.]’ The suicide scene at the end has already been cut. Stephen Dorff stars as Justin.

Source: NY Post

Media Back Soon

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You may have noticed that the videos are down. We are currently changing servers and so it will take around 2 hours to transfer the files. Sorry for any inconvenience. Check out our other sites or while you’re waiting for them to return !