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Britney Goes Bowling In Scotland (Drunk, lol)

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BOOZY BRITNEY SPEARS looks like she’s finally getting some dancing lessons – from an arcade machine.

The singer was seen downing shots of vodka before attempting the dancing video game at Hollywood Bowl in Coatbridge, near Glasgow.

Bleary-eyed Britney, who recently had a No1 with Toxic, hired the venue for a private party for pals.

She was in Scotland as part of her UK tour, preparing for gigs last night and tonight. An insider at the bash said: “After four vodka shots and a couple of Malibu and oranges she tried to show off her fancy footwork but looked unsteady on her feet.”

Source: The Sun

Pervert's Ex Girlfriend Wants to Bed Britney

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SAUCY Abi Titmuss says she fancies an orgy with Robbie Williams, Jude Law AND Britney Spears.

The ex-girlfriend of John Leslie admits she has already taken part in several sexy threesomes.

She enjoys being watched – and keeps a stash of home videos of herself having sex.

Former nurse Abi, now a presenter for the Television X porn channel, opens up on her sex life as she strips for the new issue of men’s mag FHM.

Asked who she would invite to her dream orgy, she says: “I’d have Robbie Williams, Jude Law, and Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Then I’d go for Britney Spears and Jenna Jameson (a porn star) – she sounds like fun.”

Abi, 27, says she is happy to wear her nurse’s uniform in bed.

But she refuses to reveal her sexiest ever experience, saying it was “too rude”.

She adds: “I’ve had threesomes. And I knew someone was secretly watching me once and that was very sexy.

“But I’ve never done swapping round sexual partners. It’s just me having fun and performing for a guy.

“There are plenty of videos in the drawer at home but that’s where they’re staying.”

Abi says even women stare at her breasts.

She adds: “Kissing girls is lovely. You don’t get stubble rash.

“But I’m definitely a man’s woman, I’ve never kissed a girl on my own, it’s always for a boyfriend.”

Source: The Sun

JC Chasez On Britney's Miming

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Former NSync star JC Chasez has leapt to the defense of Britney Spears by insisting fans do not care about her singing.

In an attempt to help the embattled pop princess, Chasez said it was unrealistic to expect her to sing live at concerts.

Spears sparked a backlash after miming during a performance at London’s Wembley Arena, where Chasez was supporting act.

But Chasez told the Daily Star: ‘People point the finger and say she’s miming, but she’s still entertaining the crap out of you.

‘People go to a Stevie Wonder show to listen and really dig what he’s doing vibe-wise.

‘When you go to Britney show you’ll see a spectacle.’

He said fans were given a similar experience when they went to a Michael Jackson concert.

Chasez added: ‘Every performer has their own way of going about things. I don’t mime but I have a different type of show.’

Source: Sky News

Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Britney

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First it was too raunchy and now there are accusations of miming – Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel tour has been coming under fire after its first night in the UK.

But Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Hollywood star Will Smith, has been showing her support for the pop princess off-stage as well as on.

Jada is opening for Britney in the UK with her band Wicked Wisdom. She’s the lead singer of the RnB/rock/soul outfit and received a warm welcome last night as hubby Will watched in the wings.

But as for Britney’s show, Jada said she didn’t know anything about the miming:

“No I haven’t heard anything about that. She gives you an hour and a half of full-on entertainment. That’s a difficult thing to do. It really is very difficult.”

Jada also reckons we should all stop worrying about whether the whole Onyx Hotel experience is too raunchy.

“It goes along with the freedom of expression. She has the absolute right to do whatever show she pleases.”

“Parents take their kids to see it. Britney’s made it very clear what she’s about.”

“We as consumers have a choice. We have a choice of whether we’ll see it or not. That’s not on Britney at all.”

Source: Radio 1 and Anneli

Video Cappers Wanted

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If you live in the following countries and have the ability to capture performances/appearences that Britney will be doing for the site in HQ, then please visit the Contact Page and leave your MSN/AIM address in your message for me to contact you with IMs.

United States
United Kingdom (Sky Digital or NTL/Telewest Cable)
& Any Other Country Where Britney appears on TV !

Fans Walk Out Of Wembley Gig

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Its reported that up to 150 Britney Spears fans walked out last night at the show in London. Its all over the news, all over the papers, all over everywhere. They’re saying people were discusted that Britney didn’t sing the show live, what did they expect?

I agree that she should have sung Everytime and Shadow live, because she did in America, but they should’ve known that she wouldn’t be doing the entire thing live.

Another reason why people walked out, was once again, because of the raunchy stage show during ‘Breathe on Me’ and ‘Touch Of My Hand’. People were furious, especially parents with children, and that’s what lead to so many people walking out of the show.