JC Chasez On Britney's Miming

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Former NSync star JC Chasez has leapt to the defense of Britney Spears by insisting fans do not care about her singing.

In an attempt to help the embattled pop princess, Chasez said it was unrealistic to expect her to sing live at concerts.

Spears sparked a backlash after miming during a performance at London’s Wembley Arena, where Chasez was supporting act.

But Chasez told the Daily Star: ‘People point the finger and say she’s miming, but she’s still entertaining the crap out of you.

‘People go to a Stevie Wonder show to listen and really dig what he’s doing vibe-wise.

‘When you go to Britney show you’ll see a spectacle.’

He said fans were given a similar experience when they went to a Michael Jackson concert.

Chasez added: ‘Every performer has their own way of going about things. I don’t mime but I have a different type of show.’

Source: Sky News

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