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2 Weeks…

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In two weeks, I’m going to see Britney 😀 I can’t wait, because I’ve never been to a Britney show before, so its going to be really good. I will try and bring some photos back for you, but it says on the back of my tickets that cameras are prohibited. Still, I’ll try…

This will be happening on May 1st ;D

Britney Performs Another Sexy Show

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She’s not a girl, not yet a woman. But as she proved Wednesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Britney Spears could easily pass herself off as a soft porn star.

In a racy, risque performance that pushed the very levels of decency that tour- sponsor Clear Channel is waging war on, Spears, as she coyly sang during the show, found herself “flirting with the verge of obscene.”

Clad in a set of matching pink undergarments, Spears engaged in a number of simulated sex acts with a similarly scantily clad male dancer during “Breathe on Me,” and writhed in a clear bathtub wearing only a sheer, diamond- covered bodysuit during her breathy ode to self-love, “Touch of My Hand.”

It was enough to make Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” set pieces — which got her famously in trouble with the Canadian government — look downright tame in comparison. So goes the supposed envelope-pushing (and sure-fire lip- syncing) that makes up Spears’ “Onyx Hotel” tour, which marked her first visit to Metro Detroit since June 2002. The show’s “Onyx Hotel” theme — it’s a place where “your body is privy to many a titillation,” explained the show’s emcee, a flamboyant cross between Boy George and Danny DeVito’s Penguin character from “Batman Returns” — was as ill- thought out as Spears’ graduation to psuedo-smut queen.

Outside of a few on-stage luggage racks on which Spears danced, there wasn’t much of anything that resembled a hotel, onyx or otherwise, during the 90-minute show, which saw Spears performing material mostly from her latest, the all-grown-up “In the Zone.”

Spears stuck to the script all night; her between-song banter was so scripted she didn’t bother mentioning the show was rescheduled from a late- March performance, cancelled due to a knee malfunction Spears suffered March 18 in Moline, Ill., or that Wednesday was the last night of the current leg of the tour.

Instead, she offered well-rehearsed speeches about her life being a roller coaster, but that life’s ups and downs are what make us who we are. None of which did much to derail the enjoyment of the audience, a sell-out crowd of 14,000 — hey, sex sells — made up mostly of small groups of college-aged girls. For them, it was a chance to break out the miniskirts and boogie down with Britney. Nothing wrong with that.

Source: Detroit News

Fast Downloads Are Back! :D

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Hey, I just thought I’d let you know that we have now changed our media over to a new server so you can download the Everytime video and the rest of the videos we have online fastly ! I’m sorry its taken so long, but the Everytime video put so much strain on the server we had to order a new one…but everything is back to normal now 😀

Our proof that Everytime Video Death is Accidental

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OK, so in most UK papers today (tabloids) they’re saying that Britney slashes her wrists etc. As we reported yesterday, this is NOT true.

We have put together a page which CLEARY shows that Britney is not commiting suicide in this video. Give your friends the link to the page so they can see for themselves too. <--Click this link and pass it on to your friends!

Britney to Shoot Own Reality TV Show?

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Representatives for the pop princess are shopping a reality series featuring backstage footage of her life on tour, according to sources.

Being pitched with the pun-style title “OnTourage,” the series would follow the lives of Spears and her fellow dancers on the upcoming European leg of the Onyx Hotel Tour, her steamy concert series.

“OnTourage” is being described as a cross between MTV’s “The Real World” and 1991’s “Madonna: Truth or Dare.” Spears would narrate and even wield a digital camera to chronicle her adventures with her dancers, bodyguards and managers from the tour bus to the stage.

The six-week shoot would produce six episodes that Spears’ team would hope to have on the air as early as the summer, presumably providing a boon to the already healthy ticket revenue she is generating.

No word on whether any particular network is close to a deal, but the front-running network will have to act fast: Spears’ European tour kicks off in London on April 27.

Another potential hitch: The budget is projected to run north of $1 million per episode, which is expensive by unscripted standards.

Reps for Spears, who would serve as an executive producer, declined comment late Monday.

Source: and thanks Jack

The Blood In The Video

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Lots of people think that Britney slits her wrist behind her head when she gets in the bath tub in the Everytime video (I did too at first) But this is untrue…

What happens is, at the start when Britney gets pushed over by paparazzi, she does something to her head (watch her scream and put her hands on her head). Then, when she gets in the bath, notice that there’s blood behind her. She then puts her hand behind her head and feels the wound – that is the blood on her hand.

So, many people will perceive this as a suicide, but it is not

Britney Almost Gets Savaged By Furious Girlfriend

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You’re asking for trouble if you seductively undress the boyfriend of an envious woman.

If you don’t believe it, ask pop star Britney Spears. Had it not been for her alert bodyguards, the teen icon would have been badly mauled by an envious girlfriend who saw Britney running her hands in a suggestive manner over her lover at a competition over this weekend.

According to Teen Hollywood , The Toxic star was taking part in a ‘Boxers or Briefs’ competition with three men at New York’s Lucky Cheng’s nightclub when Spears’ “sexual display” with the competitors enraged one girlfriend. Bodyguards, however, saved Britney from the woman’s confrontational advance.

“At first, we couldn’t believe it was Britney. It was a very sexual display. Her hands were all over those guys. One girlfriend was absolutely furious. She went for Britney and had to be subdued by security. She didn’t think it was funny at all. She tried to stop Britney but the bodyguards got to her first,” a witness was quoted as telling Britain’s Daily Sport tabloid.

Credit: Georgie

Remember that the Daily Sport is the worst tabloid here in the UK. Their main focus is fake-nude pics I wouldn’t read into this too much…

Video Problems

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Hey, if you’re downloading any videos off the site and you’re having trouble, please try again later. A few people have said that the videos are only downloading half or 3/4 for them… it works fine for me and lots of people, but a few people are having difficulty.

I appologize for any inconvenience!