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Everytime Video ONLINE!

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Check out the frame above this to see the video! We hope this isn’t going to crash the server but it shouldn’t do.. Enjoy the video, and don’t hotlink it!

*UPDATE: Sorry about the slow speeds right now, bare in mind that 600 other people are downloading this at the same time.. :\ (the site keeps going down too so hang in there!)

Everytime Video (HQ) Coming Right Up

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Hey everyone, I’m uploading the Everytime video right now, it will be done in 20 minutes. Check back in 20 minutes for the video! (We know other places have it but there’s so many people downloading their servers have slowed down a lot) Then you will be able to download and watch the new Everytime Video by Britney Spears 😛

Britney To Buy A House In The UK

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Britney Spears is set to become Robbie Williams’ new neighbour, by snapping up a West Sussex mansion.

According to The People, she’s fallen in love with the £2.5 million Frith Hill House in Northchapel.

The 10-bedroom pad is just three miles from where Robbie rents a property in Kirdford.

A friend of Britney told the paper: “She loves the idea of having a home in England and this place sounds perfect. She adores English accents, which she calls ‘so cute’.

“Frifth Hill House is a 10-minute drive from where Robbie is renting a place. You never know, they might bump into each other in their local.”

Source: Ananova

She should get a house in Wales ;D

The Real Onyx Hotel Will Feature A Britney VIP Room!

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Britney Spears may be a little overexposed on her new, worldwide Onyx Hotel Tour, but she’s generating some valuable exposure for the real thing.

The 112-room Onyx Hotel opens on Portland Street in Boston in mid-May, to be operated by Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group LLC, a San Francisco company with three dozen flashy boutique properties.

Imagine the thrill that Kimpton executives felt about three months ago when they read that Britney had chosen “Onyx Hotel” for the theme of her 68-date international tour — the very name Kimpton had come up with two years before for their second location in the Boston area.

After an initial “Oops,” Britney’s camp and the Kimpton group agreed it could be a marketing match made in heaven, and a website linking the two went up after MTV ran an item in January about the naming overlap.

Now the Onyx is planning to feature a VIP room that will bear the pop star’s name. The Britney Spears Foundation Room will be located on a top floor and designed — possibly by Spears’ mother, Lynne — to the pop star’s tastes and reflecting her personality, according to Andrew Freeman, vice president of public relations for Kimpton.

A portion of the Britney room fee — which hasn’t been set yet — will go to the Britney Spears Foundation, which operates a performing arts camp for children and creates playrooms for kids on extended hospital stays.

Freeman said he didn’t know exactly what the room would look like, but suggested that, “Any Britney Spears fan I’m sure will go ga-ga to stay there.”

The singer’s representatives and hotel executives met face to face for the first time this week and details are only now being worked out. The Britney room won’t be ready until late June, about six weeks after the hotel opens its doors at 155 Portland St., in the historic Bulfinch Triangle.

The architecture and interior design were done by Group One Inc. of Boston, and the project is being developed by David Leatherwood, managing member of Norwich Partners LLC. Kimpton opened the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge last year.

Spears will be at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield on June 23, but it’s undetermined whether she will spend the night at the hotel.

Her website defines the imaginary hotel of her tour as: “. . . a vibrant, whimsical place where wondrous dreams are realized, and the darkest of secrets are revealed.”

A Kimpton press release described the real Onyx Hotel as having “curvy shapes and jewel tones of teal, red, lavender, and vibrant green play against a backdrop of subdued black and taupe with red accents.”


"Breathe On Me" Will Be The 4th Single From In The Zone

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We can reveal that the 4th single from “In The Zone” will be fan favourite “Breathe On Me”. Many fans say this is their favourite track from the album so I’m sure many of you are pleased right now. Many people have emailed me to tell me that they have seen on a sticker on the In The Zone album “features the hit singles “Me against the music” and “Toxic”, and soon to be released “Everytime” and “Breathe on Me”.

We will probabally be seeing a video for this single in June. I would imagine that Britney will shoot the video in the next couple of weeks before she comes to Europe.

Thanks again to all that emailed me with the news!

DVD TALK.COM Reviews In The Zone DVD

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The Movie:

Watching “In the Zone” was a rather interesting experience. I’ve never particularly cared for the music of Britney Spears, yet have covered her DVD releases in the past for this site due to the almost extraordinary amount of people who read the first review I did of one of her titles. Watching “In the Zone” was interesting, partially because of aspects of the performance and partially for the experience of watching it at this point in the evolution of music.

While I certainly don’t deny that there are still plenty of teen pop fans out there (witness the Britney impersonator on a recent episode of MTV’s horrifying “I Want a Famous Face” who, with disturbing determination, got plastic surgery to look more like the pop princess.) or go too deeply against the music (anyone who enjoys making music or enjoys a certain genre of music has the right to enjoy making or listening to it), one still sees the landscape of music changing. Witness the welcome success of songwriter/singer Norah Jones, whose “Feels Like Home” recently sold one million albums in the first week of release.

Teen pop has enjoyed a reign atop radio charts in the recent past, but there’s been a few heading elsewhere before the foundations of the genre start to crack – Mandy Moore has shown her acting skills and made a record that was entirely covers of classic rock and folk tunes. Jessica Simpson has become America’s most famous housewife, while still maintaining an acting and music career (although her upcoming skit show on ABC with husband Nick Lachey looks like the moment that she’ll “jump the shark”, as they say).

Britney Spears has evolved, but I can’t say that I’ve ever felt that she’s taken risks. Her look has changed into something more mature and the music has slightly been altered for the times, but what may have seemed risky in the past now seems pre-planned for the utmost airplay. Don’t get me wrong, I find it catchy, but it’s similar at the core and whether it makes a lasting impression is questionable. The question of whether her young audience will follow her along for the ride seemed to be answered by the lukewarm response to “In the Zone”, her latest CD. The theory presented by Spears on the documentary is that her fans still see her as early, “Sometimes”-era Spears. When a reporter asks her if she thinks her fans are happy with her change of image, the singer responds with, “I don’t know, you tell me.”

This concert affair/documentary was originally broadcast on ABC and, refreshingly, presents Britney in a small venue performing with her dancers. After the over-the-top “Las Vegas” show, which saw Spears valiantly trying to keep from being overshadowed by the overly busy show, I thought Spears may benefit from a greater focus on the music and performance. Mostly, I was right. Spears and her dancers put together a show that offers respectable – if not dazzling or particularly inventive – choreography and rather high energy performances of some of the singer’s past hits and tunes from “In the Zone”.

What ruins the pace of the show are the in-betweens – interviews and behind-the-scenes meant to show off different aspects of Britney’s music and personality, as well as focus on some recent events (the Britney/Madonna kiss). These segments are geared clearly towards promoting the album and, while they achieve that goal, they break up the momentum of the concert terribly. The performance is otherwise fine, aside from a disasterous, lounge-y version of “Baby…One More Time” whose perfect ending would’ve been to have a reaction from “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell.

The new DVD of Spears is another one of the fine efforts for her fans that seem to throw everything that’s around on the platter. Aside from the main ABC concert show, the DVD also offers the “Toxic” (which appears to be a full version, as I don’t remember the shot of the two girls sitting in the window as Britney rides by on the motorcycle when I’ve seen the video on MTV) and “Me Against the Music” videos, as well as MTV’s “Making the Video” for “Toxic” (which shows silly Britney, who always seems to fight against the image of edgy Britney). There’s also an MTV performance of “Me Against the Music” and “(I Got That) Boom Boom”. There’s also a photo gallery and additional interview. Total running time is 95 minutes.


VIDEO: The presentation is offered in 1.33:1 full-frame (aside from the “Me Against the Music” video, which is letterboxed). Picture quality is very good, as sharpness and detail looked quite strong – even moreso in the two videos, which appeared slightly more well-defined than when they’ve been broadcast on MTV. No edge enhancement or compression artifacts were spotted, and colors appeared strong and nicely saturated.

SOUND: All of the singer’s prior DVD presentations have been remixed for Dolby Digital 5.1. While these repurposed sound mixes have been a little gimmicky at times, they were largely fun and exciting new ways to enjoy songs that were suited for a big, wild sound design. Unfortunately, “In the Zone” only offers the program with 2.0 audio. While reasonably enveloping when played back in Pro Logic II, I can’t say that I don’t miss the zippy 5.1 presentations of the former DVDs. Audio quality was generally quite good, with strong clarity and pleasing dynamic range.

EXTRAS: An exclusive 4-track CD (“The Answer”, “Don’t Hang Up” and remixes of “Toxic” and “Me Against the Music”) is also included. I’ve heard a couple of remixes of Spears songs before and, once again, I think the remixes here are considerably more interesting and atmospheric than the album versions.

Final Thoughts: “In the Zone” is an interesting look at the Britney Spears phenomenon, but I think things are reaching a point with the singer’s career where she needs to make a stronger change to try and pull in new listeners, show her fans something more drastically new and finally, keep up with increasing competition and changes in the world of music. “In the Zone” does disappoint somewhat with the audio, but the video quality is good. Recommended for fans.

Source: DVD

Britney Spears Counter-sues Obsessed Fan

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In the video for her hit song, “Toxic,” Britney Spears acts out a racy scene in an airplane bathroom. But now the pop princess is taking more legal steps to rid herself of a toxic fan.

Spears has asked a judge to throw out claims made by Mashaiko Shizawa, who Britney once accused of stalking her. Apparently, Shizawa filed a federal lawsuit against Spears and two security guards, claiming to have suffered severe emotional distress after being confronted by Spears’ people, alleging that one of the guards pointed a gun at him and told him to leave. As a result, Shizawa claims he now suffers from “nervousness, anxiety and chronic upset stomach.”

Shizawa’s lawyer, Simon Hiller, tells “CJ” his client’s symptoms are real. “I think Mr. Shizawa is the victim in the case,” Hiller insists.

But Spears now says she’s being made the victim of a bogus lawsuit. In a filing obtained by “CJ,” the documents say: “Ms. Spears was entirely uninvolved in the alleged incident. She was not there and did not know what, if anything happened.”

The court papers also question whether Shizawa really suffered any problems, saying quote: “plaintiff admits he did not receive any medical or mental health care as a result of the incident.”

In the court papers, Spears’ lawyers also say if Shizawa was so upset by what happened, he would have called the police. Instead, they say that he sent Britney some stuffed animals.

Now Spears, who recently produced a hit with Madonna, is hoping her music, and not her lawyers, will do more of the talking in the future.

Source: Celebrity Justice (WB)