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Rumor: Spears' Boyfriend's Ex Plans To Release Cheating Song

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The pregnant ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears’ boyfriend Kevin Ferdeline plans to retaliate by releasing a single about being dumped. Actress Shar Jackson – who is the mother of Federline’s four-year-old daughter and is currently pregnant with his second child – is set to release a song about her experiences of being cheated on.

Jackson says, “I’ve written three songs about this whole thing for my band Mpulz.”
Spears reportedly stole dancer Federline away from Jackson last month.

Britney UK Chart Update

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Britney’s album In The Zone has climbed five places in the official UK top 40, from #30 to #25. Toxic is still out of the top 40 this week, it can be found down at #63, which is a drop of 13 from #50 last week. Britney’s In The Zone DVD is still at the #1 spot in Woolworths!

More Comments From Avril Lavigne…

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Punk princess Avril Lavigne has been criticising pop rival Britney Spears.

Avril says the Toxic singer’s act is inappropriate and all about being a sex symbol.

“Tons of mums come up to me and say thank you for not dressing like Britney Spears,” she says. “Sometimes she just overdoes it with the facial expressions. You should dress like that for your boyfriend, not for the world.”

Avril doesn’t like Hilary Duff much either, calling her a “goody goody” and adding: “She bugs me.”

Source: Ananova

You know what Avril? You bug me!

Britney's Boyfriend Is Approved By Lynne Spears

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According to In Touch Weekly, Britney Spears’ mother Lynne approves of her new romance with Kevin Federline. ‘Britney was acting out, and nothing Lynne said was getting through to her,’ a tour source revealed. ‘But she listened to Kevin. He laid it on the line, telling Britney to grow up, get real, and not let everyone down. Until then, a lot of people, including Lynne, were uneasy about Kevin’s influence over Britney. Now they’re all saying he’s the best thing for her.’

Source: Pop Dirt

Britney's Boyfriend Banned From Driving

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Pop Queen Britney Spears’ boyfriend Kevin Federline cannot take his lady love on long romantic drives as his driving license has been suspended.

Kevin has been debarred from driving as he failed to pay two fines amounting to 255 dollars. These were imposed on him for not paying on a toll road and driving without plates.

“If he gets pulled over for anything his car will be impounded and he could go to jail.” a court clerk in Orange County, California was quoted as saying by

Federline is currently accompanying Britney on her Onyx Hotel Tour in Europe.

Source: Web India 123

Britney Employs 24/7 Therapists

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BRITNEY SPEARS has reportedly employed two round-the-clock therapists to provide her with emotional support and ensure she steers clear of alcohol.
  The TOXIC singer, 22, has hired two full-time counsellors at a cost of $180,000 (GBP100,000) per year to ensure she avoids going off the rails – especially in light of her January (04) Las Vegas wedding to childhood pal JASON ALEXANDER.
  A source explains, “Everyone’s been very concerned about Britney’s mental state since the Las Vegas stunt.
  “She went home to her family afterwards and had a mini-meltdown.
  “Everyone – including her – decided she needed support.”
  In the past year Spears has faced a number of public trials and tribulations – including criticism for miming through her recent HOTEL ONYX tour and discovering current boyfriend KEVIN FEDERLINE has a pregnant ex-girlfriend who is already the mother of his four-year-old daughter.
  The source adds, “She’ll sit down with them for up to two hours a day and talk through everything that’s upsetting her.
  “They’ll listen and offer advice, but they can’t force her to do anything.”

Source: Rate The Music

Man Confuses Jessica Simpson With Britney In Assasination Attempt?

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Pop star Jessica Simpson is counting her lucky stars today. During a stop in Chicago to promote her new Album “I’m Not as Stupid as I look”, the pop princess was suddenly rushed by man who pointed a gun at her head and fired a .357 magnum bullet at point blank range. The man was wrestled to the ground by the crowd of three people and later determined to be a crazed celebrity stalker named John Henry Lee Lucas Smith Jones Oswald, who had a long history of mental illness. As it turns out, he was trying to assassinate Britney Spears… as he later told reporters “I thought it was Brittney…or Christina…or one of them at least…I don’t even know who Jessica Simpson is.” Mr. Oswald (no relation to Lee Harvey Oswald) was later released on $5.00 bail. His gun was returned with a stern warning from Judge Judy Brown to “never do this sort of thing again, at least not in Chicago.”

Source: The Spoof

Hmm…I’m not too sure if this is true, but I’ll let you come to your own conclusions…

Britney Is Top Celebrity Of The Year!

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Every year Forbes Magazine comes out with lists of the top people in various fields, including:
Best Paid CEOs (according to the September 2002 list, the highest paid CEO is Lawrence J Ellison of Oracle),
Top Celebrities (for this year, Britney Spears tops the chart), and the
400 Wealthiest People in the United States (numero uno is Bill Gates, as usual).


Kevin's Aunty Says Britney Isn't A Homewrecker

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Britney Spears IS NOT A HOMEWRECKER. AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT dancer Kevin Federline’s aunt, Diane Story, of Pendleton, Oregon, tell Hot Stuff. According to Story, Federline’s relationship with actress Shar Jackson, 27, who is eight months pregnant with his child (and is the mom of their 2-year-old daughter, Kori), dissolved long before Spears appeared. “Their romantic relationship had been over before Britney,” she says, “but he is giving her money and taking care of his responsibilities.”

An insider reports that Federline, 26, has also been helping Spears, 22, by taming her party ways. But intimates complain she hasn’t made the best of her newfound free time. “Britney’s put on a lot of weight, but doesn’t care,” the source says. “She’s hating every minute of the tour. All she does when she’s not onstage is sit in her room, eat, drink, and watch TV.” (A Spears rep cracked, “If only I could be as fat as she is.”) Meanwhile, in GQ’S June issue, Spears’s ex-hubby, Jason Alexander, 22, says he hasn’t received a dime from the pop star, and that-yep-he may pursue acting. One of his top choices for a leading lady? Christina Aguilera. “I wouldn’t mind doing some work with her,” he says.

Source: US Weekly