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Alicia Keys On Britney

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Alicia Keys was the DJ guest on Carson Daly’s top 10 countdown earlier this week. After ‘Everytime’ by Britney played on the countdown Alicia said she really loved how emotional the song is and it is was very sweet and thoughful the way Britney is reaching out to Justin Timberlake with her music.

Alicia said that is a great way to reach out and express your true feelings to loved ones.


Rock In Rio Will Broadcast On UK TV

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The images from Rock in Rio-Lisboa will be transmitted to more than 45 countries via several television channels.
Rock in Rio-Lisboa will be seen by over a billion viewers via several television channels that purchased the broadcasting rights of the world’s biggest music event.

The interest demonstrated by the viewers in what concerns Rock in Rio-Lisboa led these channel’s responsible teams to assure that the best moments of the festival will reach the entire world. The audience is guaranteed for the channels that purchased these broadcasting rights and that presently lead the audiences rate in those countries where they are present, including CBS (USA), NTV (Japan) and Channel 4 (United Kingdom).

All the channels that purchased the broadcasting rights will offer to the viewers images of Rock in Rio-Lisboa, via daily programs lasting 1 or 2 hours, as well as via some special programs all along the Summer.

Portugal and Brazil are the only countries broadcasting alive from Rock in Rio-Lisboa.

This is, doubtlessly, the most important television coverage that ever took place regarding this type of event.

Until the opening of the festival’s doors there is enough time to enlarge this list with more television stations, so you must come back again to read everything updated.

Australia also joined this set, with transmissions via Nine, TV leader that will present two daily programs lasting 1 hour each one.
In Australia, Rock in Rio-Lisboa will also be broadcasted by Channel V (with some daily special programs covering the six days of the event).

It will show on Channel 4 in the UK, Click here to see if it will be broadcast in your country!

Cameron Diaz: 'Britney Is Sexy'

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BRITNEY SPEARS has been named the sexiest woman in the world – by her former boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s current beau CAMERON DIAZ.

The CHARLIE’S ANGELS star, 31, says she finds it hard to keep up with the 22-year-old’s slender looks now she’s into her thirties.

And Diaz – who has been dating Timberlake since last June (03) – wishes she had a body as good as the TOXIC beauty.

She laments, “I’m feeling the pinch of time. Britney Spears is killing me! Her body is like ca-razy! Obviously she’s like 12, but she’s the sexist thing out there.

“Seriously though, what girls need to know is that if they had make-up people touching them up every time they sweat, they too could look just as amazing in their own way”.

Source: Contact Music


Video Of Britney On Extra

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Here is a video of Britney in Marbella in Spain 2 weeks ago with Kevin Federline. She is walking through the streets and then someone says something and she goes over to them. Her bodyguard restrains her and then she goes over with her bodyguard and Kevin Federline and says something. Then they walk off down the street. Thanks to for the video!

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