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You will be pleased to know that since opening we have received over 2 million visitors. This is great news because its our 2 year anniversary in late December. Stick around later the date for more info ;D

Just a sidenote, don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour tonight if you live in an area that uses daylight saving changes! 😀

Britney's Greatest Hit: The Final

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Its the final of Britney’s greatest hit! The following songs made the final:

Baby one more time vs. Toxic

The songs eliminated were

I’m a slave 4 u

On the voting page they’ve made a mistake, they’ve put the Everytime video in the player instead of Toxic. But, it is in fact Toxic that is in the final, NOT everytime!



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Britney fell to #10 on TRL UK today. We need to get her back to #1> !! I think its crucial next week for her to be #1 so they play her whole video, it may encourage people to go out and buy it (remember the single is out on monday!!)


Voting only takes 5 seconds, and you can vote as many times as you like! Just click the link I posted, check the “Britney Spears – My Prerogative” box then click submit. Then there’s a button to go back and vote again.

Please vote for Britney as many times as you can!!

Flash Photography In My Prerogative Video

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I was just watching UK music channel TMF, and before the My Prerogative video came on, they displayed a warning saying “The following contains flash photography and may not be suitable for viewers with photo-sensitive epilepsy.”

Just thought you might like to know, in case you didn’t know this already 😉

MTV.Com: Think You've Seen All The Britney Videos? Think Again

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Then you must be who Spears had in mind when she put together her DVD video retrospective, “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative.” The set will contain several alternate versions of many of her top clips, including one for “Toxic” in which she wears nothing but diamonds the entire time.

Not only are some of the clips rarely seen and, in some cases, never-before-seen versions, but 10 of the 20 videos that comprise the November 9 collection have been expanded and enhanced. Fans can watch new footage from “Everytime” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” as well as the never-before-released material shot before the singer’s knee injury on the set of “Outrageous” (see “Britney Busts Knee, Complicating Video Shoot And Tour”), including one scene where she’s playing basketball with Snoop Dogg and ends up in his arms, giving him a little lick for luck.

Spears’ camp was able to provide so many alternate versions because directors often shoot a full pass at a song in each costume, and then only use a few moments of it in the finished clip. So while some of the alternate takes of “… Baby One More Time” and “Oops! … I Did It Again” will look familiar, the videos have been re-cut for a whole new feel. One of those alternate clips, for “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know,” makes the most use of Britney’s body of work, with the spaceman from “Oops! … I Did It Again,” an opening door from “My Prerogative” and a guy from “Toxic” all making cameos. And though “Outrageous” was never finished, it, too, gets an alternate version.

Though the footage was easily accessible, assembling it wasn’t so easy. The project took four months to put together, her label rep said, as crews combed through unused footage and edited new versions for some, and used instrumentals and alternate audio in others. There’s a new vocal mix for “I’m a Slave 4 U,” for instance, and in “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” the alternate audio gives the feel of Spears singing the song as a round, where the beat is in sync but one layer of her vocals is just slightly ahead of the other.

Not all of the features are going to be easy to find. The DVD provides two menus one for original versions, one for alternates. But with some digging, fans will also find hidden features, such as a second alternate version of “My Prerogative,” consisting entirely of the film shown in the original version, where Spears is seen rolling around on a bed in her underwear. (The first alternate version includes more footage of Spears’ husband, Kevin Federline.

As many versions as Spears offers, however, there’s one that fans have to provide ? by singing along. An alternate take of “Toxic” lets you hear the music and see Britney, but no vocals come out of her mouth. And since she’s wearing nothing but those infamous diamonds (see “Yes, Britney Really Is Naked In The ‘Toxic’ Video: VMA Lens Recap”), the guide lyrics help provide some necessary cover-up try watching that and getting the words right.

Info For All The Britney Fans Over In New Zealand

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I have news for all New Zealand Britney fans…

I went to sounds music stores yesterday and asked them about release dates for the whole greatest his bundle. That is the album, DVD, and Single for MP.

Finally, they have release dates, but the bad news is that it will be in stores a little later than the Australian bundle! The good news is that thy will be releasing the single for MP (some of you may be thinking why I’m so happy, but it’s because the everytime single wasn’t released here due to “limited” airplay).

So the dates are:

Album/DVD – 22nd November (assuming hat the DVD will be released on that same day, and it should be as the store person said)
Single – 8th November

Well I hope that fills in NZ fans (as it did for me). I’m not sure how many NZ fans here are over here, and I presume there are only a handful of people….maybe just me! Who knows? I trust for whoever it will be quite informative if you haven’t already checked on release dates for the whole album bundle!