Info For All The Britney Fans Over In New Zealand

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I have news for all New Zealand Britney fans…

I went to sounds music stores yesterday and asked them about release dates for the whole greatest his bundle. That is the album, DVD, and Single for MP.

Finally, they have release dates, but the bad news is that it will be in stores a little later than the Australian bundle! The good news is that thy will be releasing the single for MP (some of you may be thinking why I’m so happy, but it’s because the everytime single wasn’t released here due to “limited” airplay).

So the dates are:

Album/DVD – 22nd November (assuming hat the DVD will be released on that same day, and it should be as the store person said)
Single – 8th November

Well I hope that fills in NZ fans (as it did for me). I’m not sure how many NZ fans here are over here, and I presume there are only a handful of people….maybe just me! Who knows? I trust for whoever it will be quite informative if you haven’t already checked on release dates for the whole album bundle!


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