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MTV UK Britney Day: TV Listings

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OK, so this is for channel 440 which is MTV:-

6:00 – Top 10 Britney
7:00 – Britney – In the Zone & Out All Night
8:00 – All Eyes On Britney
8:30 – Making the Video Britney Spears (Slave 4 U)
9:00 – The Rise & Rise Of Britney Spears
11:00 – The Fabulous Life of Britney Spears
11:30 – Making the Video Britney Spears (MATM)
12:00 – Britney – Fanography
12:30 – All Eyes On Britney
13:00 – Britney’s Road To Miami
13:30 – Making the Video Britney Spears (Toxic)
14:00 – Top 10 Britney
15:00 – Schedule Resumes As Normal

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15 Pics: Britney & Kevin Buy A New Puppy (November 29th)

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Britney Spears heads into a Malibu pet shop for some doggie accesories and walks out with a brand new 4 week old female Chihuahua pup. Britney who was after a dog coat for her maltese terrier fell in love with the hairless pup much to husband Kevin’s disapproval. But using the same trick as her new friend Britney threw on the puppy eye routine and Kevin crumbled. Britney obviously beside herself with excitement with her new acquisition and set out to buy many girlie accesories including a pink dog carrier and a pink striped coat.

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BBC Axe Top Of The Pops After 40 Years On Air

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britney spears AFTER more makeovers than Madonna, BBC One is finally giving up on the ailing Top of the Pops and handed it to BBC Two for an older audience.

Forty years after Jimmy Savile first presented the show — intended to run for just six weeks — with the Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield and the Beatles from a converted church in Manchester, Britain’s most famous pop show has succumbed to competition from downloading and MTV.

In one final redesign, Top of the Pops will be transferred to a Sunday 7pm slot next April on BBC Two, where the programme will attempt to win back the absent millions with a broader range of rock, pop and archive classics. Instead of screaming teenagers, the new-look Top of the Pops hopes to attract “Clarkson man” — males aged 30 to 50 — who tune in to BBC Two on Sundays for Top Gear.

In its mid-Seventies heyday, Top of the Pops was required viewing for music fans, with a weekly audience of 16 million. Every aspiring rock star dreamt of winning a three-minute slot. Last Friday’s edition was watched by just three million.

Teenagers began to shun Top of the Pops in the 80s but a collapse in sales of singles accelerated its decline. Songs can reach No 1 with barely 30,000 sales then disappear from the hit-list a week later.

Illegal downloading and ringtone sales have eaten into the CD market, while music tastes have become so fragmented that a Friday evening prime-time slot can no longer satisfy a mainstream family audience.

The rise of MTV and a channel for every music genre hit Top of the Pops, and ITV’s Saturday morning CD:UK chart show became No 1 for hip presenters, the new Top Ten and star acts, stealing the young audience.

Moving Top of the Pops to Fridays, forcing it to compete with Coronation Street, was the final straw. A £1 million relaunch as an “all-live” show and new presenters last year failed to boost ratings.

Next April, It will present a new Top 40 of combined singles and downloads jointly with Radio 1, giving the show an immediacy it has lacked. The programme will incorporate the albums chart and clips from the Top of the Pops archive as well as current hits.

Mark Cooper, BBC Creative Head of Music Entertainment, said: “We want to reconnect the show with its heritage and provide something for music fans who don’t like what is in the chart that particular week. Sunday night feels right for an exciting live show.”

Mr Cooper said that Top of the Pops had not influenced the singles chart for some time and was on a “hiding to nothing” by being scheduled against Coronation Street.

The BBC did not consider dropping the show because of its strong global appeal. The show is seen in 112 countries and the format has been sold across Europe and to MBC, the Middle East broadcaster.
Roly Keating, BBC Two Controller, said: “We want to make it bigger and better so that it becomes the ultimate pop music show for music lovers of every generation.

“BBC Two has a strong heritage in pop music programmes, from Jools Holland to Glastonbury, so Top of the Pops will have a natural home on the channel.”

Rumours About "Updated" Showtime Concert..

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Lots of people are speculating that the UK started showing a “new” Showtime Live From Miami Concert. Just to clarify, the remastered version isn’t new at all, they’ve been showing the version with different audio, camera angles and better quality ever since it’s first airing in the UK.

Just thought I’d let you know incase you thought it was a sign about a DVD release 😉

Britney Still Hosting SNL In December?

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Singer Ashlee Simpson has yet to blame the kitchen sink, but this time has blamed memory loss for her lip- syncing catastrophe on Saturday Night Live. Simpson claims being nervous up to the time of the performance led her to forget the lyrics to her hit “Pieces of Me,” ultimately leading to the use of a “vocal aid.”

However the younger sibling of Jessica Simpson still holds her band responsible for the mistake exposing the fact that she was using a vocal aid. “The show had to go on live,” Simpson said. “I couldn’t let down my masses of fans, I just had to lip-sync.

“Simpson has asked SNL producer Lorne Michaels multiple times for a second chance to perform on the hit comedy show, however today he has finally granted her request. “Hell, I’ll let her,” Michaels said. “We’re canceling Jessica’s scheduled performance to let Ashlee have her second chance. “According to Micheals ratings nearly doubled the weeks following Ashlee’s lip-syncing exposure, and if she wants to do it again, he will gladly allow it.

“She just does not understand,” Micheals said. “No one likes her, we will probably have a couple more sketches to make fun of her. “Ashlee is scheduled to reappear on Saturday Night Live December 11, 2004.

The host will be Britney Spears, ironically.

Source: AP News Wire

Curious Britney Spears Tops Sales On Amazon

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Amazon announced the top-selling products since November 1st on the Web site. In the beauty category, Britney Spears Curious Fragrance, priced between $20.00-$49.50, topped the list for total unit sales between November 1st and November 23rd. In the music category, ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up Clay Aiken was third with ‘Merry Christmas With Love’.


Pics: Britney & Kevin Leaving Kentwood After Thanksgiving (Nov. 26th)

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Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline board a private jet after spending Thanksgiving with family at her mothers house in Kentwood, Louisiana. The semi-retired pop diva kept herself under wraps amid speculation that she could be pregnant. Her mother Lynn Spears drove the couple to nearby McComb-Pike County Airport in Mississippi where she gave them both a hug goodbye.

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