Britney's Nupitals Are The Most Shocking Moments Of The Year (Poll)

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Pop sensation Britney Spears’ two weddings within a span of nine months have been voted the “Most Shocking Celeb Moment of 2004.”

Britney first shocked her fans by her 55-hour wedding with childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander and then followed it up nine months later by marrying her dancer boyfriend Kevin Federline in a secret ceremony.

Britney’s nuptials were given the top slot in the shock list compiled by ‘Teen People’ ahead of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” and Mary Kate Olsen’s battle with an eating disorder.

The top ten shocking celeb moments are:

1. Britney Spears’ weddings
2. Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction
3. Brandy’s fake marriage to Robert Smith
4. Paris Hilton’s sex tape scandal
5. Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Marc Anthony
6. Rejected American idol entrant William Hung’s brief success
7. Mary-Kate Olsen’s stint in rehab
8. Ashton Kutcher’s revival of punk’d
9. Christina Aguilera cleaning up her image – wtf?
10. Omarion parting ways with b2k

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