Britney Still Hosting SNL In December?

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Singer Ashlee Simpson has yet to blame the kitchen sink, but this time has blamed memory loss for her lip- syncing catastrophe on Saturday Night Live. Simpson claims being nervous up to the time of the performance led her to forget the lyrics to her hit “Pieces of Me,” ultimately leading to the use of a “vocal aid.”

However the younger sibling of Jessica Simpson still holds her band responsible for the mistake exposing the fact that she was using a vocal aid. “The show had to go on live,” Simpson said. “I couldn’t let down my masses of fans, I just had to lip-sync.

“Simpson has asked SNL producer Lorne Michaels multiple times for a second chance to perform on the hit comedy show, however today he has finally granted her request. “Hell, I’ll let her,” Michaels said. “We’re canceling Jessica’s scheduled performance to let Ashlee have her second chance. “According to Micheals ratings nearly doubled the weeks following Ashlee’s lip-syncing exposure, and if she wants to do it again, he will gladly allow it.

“She just does not understand,” Micheals said. “No one likes her, we will probably have a couple more sketches to make fun of her. “Ashlee is scheduled to reappear on Saturday Night Live December 11, 2004.

The host will be Britney Spears, ironically.

Source: AP News Wire

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