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Petition For Do Somethin'

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I just wanted to say that I won’t be posting the petition everyone else is posting, because I feel that it would be a bad move for Britney to release Do Somethin’ . She would get laughed at if she released this song, the words don’t even make sense (even though I love the song, this isn’t about me)

If someone makes a petition for I’ve Just Begun to be released, I will definately post about it!!

Toxic Up For Record Of The Year

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This afternoon on ITV1 (UK TV channel) they aired the nominees for the record of the year 2004! You can’t vote online but I’ve posted the link for you to see nominees and to see the phone number if you live in the UK (you can probably call from outside the UK but I wouldn’t recommend it – pricey!!)

Britney won this award in 1998 with her hit “Baby One More Time”, lets make 2004 a repeat of 1999!

Click the link below to see the nominees and get the phone (or text) numbers you need

Rumour: Britney Cancelled Everything

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“Britney Spears seems to have decided once and for all to step out of any sort of promotion for her new record. Originally, Britney had plans for a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in December, according to Us Weekly, as well as a surprise appearance at the American Music Awards. But all of those plans have been cancelled according to a rep close to Spears. Britney also had tentative plans to go to the UK sometime in December to promote, ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative,’ as well as her smash hit perfume, ‘Curious.’ Those plans have also been cancelled for now. Not only that, but Britney has cancelled a new single. The brand new track on her hits album, ‘Do Somethin,’ was scheduled for radio release in December along with a video in January. But Brit cancelled the release so she could focus on family life. For now, a promo video of a brand new, ‘Megamix,’ has been sent out.”

Britney EMA Video Message Transcript

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Thank you so much, this means so much to me MTV Europe,
Thank you so much to all the fans, who’ve supported me since the very beginning,
And I really wish I could be there with all of you tonight, but I promise I’m there in spirit,
And I hope you guys have a wonderful show, and please, don’t party too much without me!