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Rumour: Britney Releasing Chris Cox 'Megamix' As Second Single

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Britney Spears will release a final single from, ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative,’ as a thank you to her loyal fans.

The last single from her best selling album will be, ‘Megamix,’ which is on disc two, which is chock full of remixes. The video has already been sent around to outlets everywhere in the world except for the United States.

The single will be out in the UK on February 14th and while the tracklistings aren’t final, fans can expect two new songs as the b-sides. They are, ‘Chaotic,’ and ‘Hollow.’ ‘Chaotic,’ is another Bloodyshy & Avant production and ‘Hollow,’ is produced by the Matrix. They were both recorded for, ‘In The Zone.’

Rumour: Bobby Brown Mocks Britney For Her Prerogative

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bobby brown my prerogative Fallen R+B star BOBBY BROWN has poked fun at BRITNEY SPEARS’ rendition of his classic MY PREROGATIVE because it’s nowhere near as good as the original.

Brown gave the pop star permission to cover his 1989 hit because he felt sure it would be a money-making opportunity, but he hates Britney’s cover.

He says, “I love the video. I’m not impressed with the music. It’s not mine… `Call me Britney, we’ll get together and I’ll show you how to really do it. Don’t do that again.’

“That is my anthem and I wouldn’t mess with TOXIC or anything like that, but I love Britney.”

Source: Contact Music

UK Chart: Eminem Will Steal Britney's Top Spot

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EMINEM is well on course to hit the top spot in the charts this weekend with copies of his new album Encore flying off the shelves.

Sales have been booming since the CD hit the shops yesterday and it is already one of the fastest selling albums of the year.

Music superstore HMV reckon it could sell more than 300,000 copies in just two days and go platinum.

If the predictions are right it would guarantee Eminem the No1 album slot on Sunday, eclipsing BRITNEY SPEARS’ Greatest Hits CD.

It could also overtake ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ first-week sales of 320,000 when his Greatest Hits came out in October.

And the US rapper will have done it in less than half the time — just 48 hours.

Source: The Sun

OMG, it was going to be her first #1 too… :'(

UK Gives Britney A Sendoff To Remember, But Will She Have A Run For Her Money?

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She’s all set to embark on a two year break from the music industry, in order to enjoy married life, and, if some reports are to be believed, motherhood. And it seems UK fans of the new Mrs Federline are determined to give her a send off to remember.

Midweek sales suggest that Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits album ‘My Prerogative’ is set to give the 22-year-old pop princess her very first No.1 album in the UK. With projected sales of 130,000 the collection, which includes the likes of ‘Lucky’, ‘Oops I Did It Again!’ Madonna duet ‘Me Against The Music’, and of course ‘Baby One More Time….’, is well ahead of Britney’s nearest rivals, Westlife, who return as a quartet with Rat-Pack album ‘Allow Us To be Frank’.

The disc has already become the singer’s first No.1 album in Japan. While the American singer has enjoyed an unprecedented 4 consecutive number one albums with her first 4 releases in her homeland, Britney’s success in the UK album chart has been more muted. Her first two releases ‘Baby One More Time…’ and ‘Oops! I Did It Again!’ both stalled at No.2. Her most recent studio album, ‘In The Zone’ was a relative flop, reaching no higher than No.13, though the release did spawn two consecutive chart topping singles, ‘Toxic’ and the pensive ballad ‘Everytime’.

In all Britney has enjoyed five UK chart topping singles. Current release, ‘My Prerogative’, a cover of Bobby Brown’s 1989 hit, entered the charts last Sunday at No.3, behind new releases from Eminem and Destiny’s Child. But while Britney has a sizable head start, there’s one individual hoping to seize the number one spot himself. ‘Encore’, the fourth release from Eminem is released this Friday, having been brought forward several days due to internet piracy. While this will only give the rapper two days of sales to count toward this Sunday’s album chart, demand for the release is likely ensure it gives Ms Spears a run for her money.

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Britney Becomes A Poet

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Honeymoon Poem

A honeymoon at last, to get away from it all
My assistant Fe gave me the call.

I remember it well, as she was smilin’
She said it was called Turtle Island.

I packed my bags light and quick,
Then grabbed my pink dress & favorite lipstick.

We hopped on a plane and took our flight
I slept really well, all through the night.

As we arrive, I turn and look out the door,
People are greeting us right at the shore.

A meal, a shower and some ice cream
Then I threw my man down, you know what I mean!

Magical nights filled with stars
Silence is golden, no running cars.

Private dinners, romantic fires
Little piece of heaven, whatever your heart desires.

Friendly “hellos” and never goodbyes
When you’re having fun, oh, how time flies!

As we sit and prepare to make our part
I thank you, Turtle Island, with all my heart!

~ Britney

Source: The Official Britney Spears Fanclub

Huge thanks to David!! 🙂

Greatest Hits Albums Lead In The USA, But Will They Win?

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This was supposed to be the battle of the greatest-hits packages. Indeed, with best-of releases from Shania Twain, Toby Keith and Britney Spears hitting all in the same week, you’d think that would be the story.
And so far, it’s a good one: After one day on sale, Twain’s Greatest Hits (Mercury Nashville) and Keith’s Greatest Hits 2 (DreamWorks Nashville) are looking like they’ll rope in first weeks just shy of 500k and 400k, respectively. And both stand a good chance of trending much higher through the week thanks to their appearance on last night’s CMA Awards telecast.

Spears’ Greatest Hits: My Prerogative (Jive), meanwhile, is no slouch either, looking at this point like it will sell a little over 200k for the week.

Ordinarily, the above would occupy the top three chart slots next week. And in this market, those are impressive numbers. But guess who’s back? Back again?

That’s right, the early release of Eminem’s Encore (Shady/Interscope) this Friday (11/12) throws that whole scenario into question. Why? Because one weekend of Eminem sales can beat a whole week of just about anything you can think of.

Retail pundits, saying it’s really anybody’s guess at this point, are predicting that from Friday through Sunday, the Eminem album will move anywhere from 500k to 1 million units. That means Slim Shady’s very much in contention for #1, but depending on how big a bump Twain sees from the CMAs, he may not be a lock. Stay tuned on that one.

Meanwhile, other major debuts to look for on next week’s chart include Fabolous’ Real Talk (Desert Storm/Atlantic), which looks like it will have a first week of around 200k, and Ja Rule’s R.U.L.E. (Def Jam), which should move around 150k for the week.