Pics: Britney & Kevin Dine At Moonshadows (December 1st)

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Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline arrive at Moonshadows waterfront restaurant in Malibu for dinner on the eve of Britneys birthday. Kevin is seen carrying their new Chihuahua pup out of their $100,000 sportscar with the dog dressed in a red and black fur lined poncho. Kevin after realising that he had been spotted carrying the hairless pup and that it probably did not suit his manly image handed the dog off to Britney who placed it in a Burberry style dog cot which along with a water bowl also contained Britneys Kabbalah book. Britney herself dressed in a full length chinese patterned coat looked proud as punch with her new toy dog. After 2 hours of candlelit dining Britney and Kevin tried to sneak out a side door but were met with a horde of photographers anxious for pictures and to wish Britney a happy birthday.

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