Britney Debut's New Song!

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Holy crap! Britney was on a LA radio station just a few hours ago when she confirmed she has already recorded half of her new album and it will be out in the summer and will be called ‘Original Doll’.
They also played the first single ‘Mona Lisa’

This is a story about Mona Lisa
That was her name, Mona Lisa

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve got a little story to tell
About Mona Lisa and how she suddenly fell
See everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well
Now I am taking over, to release her from her spell

She’s unforgettable (yeaaaa, yeaaa)
She was a legend though (yeaaa, yeaaa)
Its kind of pitiful (yeaaa)
That she’s gone

Its kind of incredible (yeaaaa, yeaaa)
She’s so unpredictable (yeaaaa, yeaaa)
It’s time to let her go (yeaaa)
Cause she’s gone
Cause she’s gone
Cause she’s gone

She was taken under, drowning in her sea
Running like an angel, she was crying but could not see
(OH NO!)
Now see everyone’s watching, as she starts to fall
Don’t have a break down, you will hit the freak’n wall


Now ladies does that make you cryyyyyyy?
Now fellas you have to say goodbyeeeeeee

Everyone, may we have a moment of silence right here…


Chorus 2x

(Credit: Luke at

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