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"Hey Britney" – #1

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At the offcial fan club there is a feature called “Hey Britney” where Britney answers selected Questions from members, here is the latest one…

Hey Britney! I get soo excited whenever I hear your songs on the radio! how do you feel when you hear your own songs? In The Zone is my must have album….I cant live without it… I love you Britney

Hey Kyle, The first time I hear a new song of mine on the radio- I still get so excited and have to blast the song— but then after that, it’s like- ok, ok that’s enough of me, time to change the station! hahaha


New Rumoured Interview With Britney

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britney spears Love her or hate her, you can’t deny the fact that Britney Spears makes news. From Lolita-like music videos to her lip-lock with Madonna, controversy dogs the twice-married 22-year-old.

Presenting the successful pop icon in a no-holds-barred interview with Priya Pathiyan .

Tell us about your latest album Britney Spears: My Prerogative – the music, the feel, the reason you chose this name. How different is it from the last?

This is my greatest hits album and we’ve released four singles that haven’t been released before. I wanted to make an ‘announcement’ that I am now doing what I want to do, and don’t care what anyone says anymore.

Basically, when you get a chance to do whatever you want to do, you get overwhelmed and easily confused. You make the wrong choices and take the wrong directions. It’s been a great journey getting here… and now I’m able to share it with people.

How has your music grown over the years? From Oops to Toxic and now My Prerogative … would you say it’s the music that has changed or just the way you look in the music videos?

I feel that I’ve evolved like any artiste or for that matter, any person should. I would say that my image definitely has changed along with my music. If you don’t change, you pretty much remain static, and that’s not a good thing in my profession.

You’ve been quoted as saying you’ve been “going and going and going” since you were 15. What kept you so motivated?

When all you’ve ever dreamt of is being a performer, then you’ll do anything to get there. I’ve faced a lot of obstacles in my path to get here, but now that I’m finally here, it’s an amazing high. All I want to do now is take some time out to settle down and get some quality time with Kevin (Federline).

Did you have a happy childhood? What’s your happiest memory?

I didn’t have a typical childhood, but yes I did have a happy one. My happiest memory would definitely have to be a day on the beach with my entire family.

In Do Somethin’ your lyrics go ” I see you lookin’ at me/Like I’m some kind of freak… ” You’re always in the public eye – do people’s opinions of you matter to you?

I think everything happens for a reason. You have those periods of being low and down so you can appreciate the highs. I now let work be about work and not my personal life. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t want everybody to love me. That’s boring. I don’t want everyone to hate me either. I like the in-between thing. That makes it interesting.

Do you really see yourself as “an over-exposed blonde”?

I’m not at the point now where I want to sell 50 million records. That’s not my goal here. I really just want to do something I believe in artistically. And if it fails, then I’ll learn from it.

You just put all you have into the record and put it out there, see how it’s accepted and learn from that point and move on. No, I don’t see myself that way and I really don’t care if other people do.

What do you think are your strong points as a singer/performer?

My ability to keep reinventing myself.

And weak?

As a performer, I try not to concentrate too much on weak points. I try and do my best and hope for everything to turn out okay and if it doesn’t then the next time I perform, I know what went wrong.

At what point in your music career did you decide to put a little oomph into it?

I’m getting older, and I think it’s a natural thing to indulge in yourself and have thoughts about relationships and sex. You can’t go around pleasing everyone.

Why did you suddenly change your views on preserving virginity?

Who cares if I had sex? At that time, I was in a relationship that just progressed naturally. I thought he was the one and I wanted to be with him sexually, it was simple as that.

Rate Madonna’s kiss at the MTV Music Awards on a scale of 1-10… And were you attracted to her?

She is an excellent kisser. I don’t know if I could rate the kiss. Basically, Madonna threw it around a couple of times in rehearsals, but she kind of said, ‘You know, do what you feel in the performance… just go with it and see what happens.’ And that’s exactly what we did.

Fess up, wasn’t it a publicity stunt?

As I said, we just went with the performance.

And your marriage to your childhood buddy Jason Alexander, which lasted only 55 hours?

You make the wrong decisions sometimes when you’re not thinking and just having a good time… that’s what happened with Jason.

How did you know your husband Kevin Federline was the right man for you?

He is just such a stabling influence in my life. Somehow, you know when you’ve met the person who is right for you.

Do you remember the first time you and Kevin met?

Yes I do. We met at Joseph’s Café in Hollywood.

Is he very different from Justin Timberlake, your ex? Who’s a better lover?

Yes. They are both very different people.

What about rumours of a bun in the oven…?

I wouldn’t really like to comment on that.

Twice-married at the age of 22, and you’re already eager to start a family… is it because you’ve seen it all and done it all?

I suppose I’ve always wanted to start a family and now I’ve met a man that I’d like to start a family with, I am definitely eager.

Why did you sack Larry Rudolph after letting him manage your affairs all your life? Or was he ‘managing your affairs’ a bit too much, disapproving of your marriage, etc?

Larry and I wanted different things. He wanted to break more young acts and I wanted to move forward in my career, so we decided to part ways.

Young girls across the world look to you for style tips and yet your name comes up tops in most of the worst-dressed lists. Please comment.

I don’t want to be responsible for young people. I’m getting older, so the things I wear and sing about are obviously not going to relate to a nine-year-old.

What do you envisage for yourself in the future?

As of now, I want to take some time off and spend time with Kevin. Then I’ll think about another record or perhaps a tour. We’ll have to wait and see.

On your honeymoon, you stopped at Rajasthan en route to Fiji. What did you like there?

I would have liked to see much more of this beautiful place, but we had to leave. While in Rajasthan, I had some really interesting food. I ate something called gajar halwa , which was some sort of carrot sweet, which I thought was delectable.

In fact, K and I loved it so much, we wanted to take it back with us. I also had some really good chicken tikka … probably the best I’ve ever tasted.

Any plans to visit India again and meet your fans?

Definitely! I got a slight glimpse of India, though I’d love to come and stay longer and even perhaps perform there for my fans. I thank them for all their support!

Source: Times Of India
Thanks: Sanah Aziz

Curious racks in $40-50 Million In Sales

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When it comes down to it, the beauty business is all about glamour, and who better to portray it than the stars themselves? In fact, Spears’ star power was so potent that it blew stocks right off the shelves of Macy’s New York in the first three weeks of its launch. In anticipation of Curious’ record-breaking results, expecting first-year sales of US$40-US$50 million in sales in the U.S. alone, the global prestige fragrance and beauty products company signed up suppliers that included packagers FiberMark, RK and Heinz Glas geared with high-volume capacity and quick turnaround time to support a heavy demand product.

Last March, Elizabeth Arden announced the signing of an exclusive global licensing agreement with Britney Spears, a deal that some reports estimate could net Spears between US$10 million to US$20 million over the next five years. The contract requires Spears’ collaboration in the development and marketing of a fragrance, skin care and color cosmetics line backed by the singer’s exclusive endorsement.

The creation of Britney Spears’ own beauty line completes Elizabeth Arden’s brand portfolio by targeting the growing global tween to young-adult market, a more lucrative demographic than the company’s other lines endorsed by actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Zeta-Jones. “The target for Curious is women ages 15 to 30. This is a younger demographic than those formerly targeted,” indicated sources at Elizabeth Arden.

Britney's Spokeswoman Denies Pregnancy Rumours

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Will Britney Spears be making an announcement next week?

Rumors abound that the pop star is 11 weeks pregnant and has only been waiting to complete her first trimester before she reveals her secret.

Spears, who turned 23 yesterday, is said to have gotten pregnant shortly before her Sept. 18 wedding to Kevin Federline and their honeymoon in Fiji.

There’s no doubt that Spears, who bought her second puppy this week, has got maternal urges. She’s totally curtailed her prenuptial partying, though she has been smoking – not a good idea for expectant women.

Spears’ pointwoman Leslie Sloane Zelnick emphatically denied it: “It is absolutely not true. I can tell you she is not pregnant. You’ll see her next week at the Billboard Awards.”