Britney Angered Jive With Mona Lisa, Now They Postponed Album

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by Lisa Thurrock

It’s not very often that an artist angers their management company, but it is a rarity in the pop industry. Mariah did it by breaking her mulit-million dollar contract with her company, forcing them to shell out millions. Janet has done it by “exposing” herself at the 2004 Superbowl, causing outtrage accross the USA, and therefore preventing any real chance at another No. 1 album. Finally, it may appear Britney Spears has done it too and this time her record company aren’t giving up easily.

Britney recently popped into KIIS FM’s studios for a suprise visit and to play a demotape of a new track called Mona Lisa. In the brief interview before the world premiere of the song Britney said that she’s half way through recording her 5th studio album and fans should expect it to hit shelves late this Summer with the title “The Original Doll”. However, by doing so, Britney has un-intentionally landing herself into some very serious trouble.

Britney’s record company, Jive Records, did not give Britney permission to air the exclusive song on radio, with Britney calling it ‘a spare-of-the-moment idea’. Jive have therefore put her Original Doll project on hold for the time being. This became evidential after Britney’s shaky interview on TRL, when she herself denied any signs of an album in the pipeline, when just days before she claimed to be “halfway through the recording process”. She denied that she would be touring, but admitted she would be doing some kind of show next year, but didn’t say what.

Several rumours circulating within the media suggest that Britney doesn’t know what she’s going to be doing next. With her 5th studio album shelved for the time being, a tour out of the question and signs of a musical script written by Britney entitled “Hollywood” being read by all the big Theater agencies in America, only time will tell what Britney’s next move will be.

– BBC Entertainment UK

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