Britney Will Make Return Visit To Malibu Street Healer

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Bulgarian-born street healer Nicky Peevski spoke with The People after he helped Britney Spears relax during a recent visit through Malibu, California. “Britney asked what I was doing and I explained I could cure headaches, arthritis and other problems using the healing energy of my hands,” Peevski said.

“I told her to sit on a wall and close her eyes. I moved my hands around her head and body, putting energy into her. After 10 minutes I told her to open her eyes. Britney said she felt great and would come again.”

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  • John Skyler


    Nicky is an amazing healer. Don’t let the “Street” healer fool you. Britney and many other affluent people are quietly benefiting from his service under the radar. Trust your intuition, that is what I did, and I got excellent results. I highly recommend Nicky.

    His phone number is 310-346-1144.

    May God Bless,

    John Skyler


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