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Kevin Federline To Appear In The April Issue Of "L'Uomo Vogue"

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Britney Spears’ hip-hop hubby, Kevin Federline, is getting a metrosexual makeover courtesy of Details magazine. The gay-friendly glossy’s editor in chief, Dan Peres, hired fashion photographer Steven Klein to shoot a cover photo of Federline to accompany Peres’ interview of the former back up dancer. We’re told that Spears, with her tiny pup Bibit in tow, was on hand to direct Federline in the shoot, in which he swapped his wifebeater shirt and baggy jeans for more dapper duds. Spears even convinced Klein, who has shot the A-list likes of Brad Pitt and Madonna, to snap Federline for the April issue of L’Uomo Vogue.

Exclusive: Britney & Kevin In Irish Tattoo Parlour In June 2004

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britney spears tattoo

This was taken in the tattoo parlour where Britney and Kevin got their matching pink/blue dice tattoos in June 2004. It’s in a parlour called “Atatoo” in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland and this pic was taken during her Onyx Hotel Tour just before it got cancelled due to her knee injury!

Thanks so much to Shane for going to the tattoo parlour and getting this pic for us! 😀 They have it framed on the wall there.

Exclusive: "The Sun" Scans – Britney Pregnant? – NEW PICS!! (Jan 29th)

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BRITNEY Spears’ hubby rubs her tum — and fuels rumours she’s gonna be a mum.

Kevin Federline, 26, laughed as he stroked the blonde singer’s stomach on a sun lounger. To see this picture of Britney looking broody, buy today’s Sun newspaper.


Credit if you use ! I’m not sure how “new” these pics are..they made it out like they were taken a few days ago, but they look quite old..hmm, I’ve never seen them before anyway !

MTV Doin' Somethin' Ends Today In USA

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Hey! Just thought you’d like to know that MTV america
says that you can only see the Do Something video only
until FRIDAY…there is an ad saying this on the
mainpage ( and a link that brings you here:

Hope this is useful to you,

Kyle E. Yamakawa

About All The Tattoo News

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I don’t get why all sites are posting about Britney’s Kabbalah tattoo on her neck. She got the tattoo almost a year ago now, and showed us on TRL UK on May 5th 2004.

Also, the pink dice on her wrist, she got them in June 2004 in Dublin, just before the end of her tour.

This is old news now 😉 .. I hope I cleared things up !

Rumour: Britney Lets Kevin Have Lapdance In Las Vegas

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Britney Spears has proved herself to be the perfect wife – by letting hubby Kevin whatshisname go to a lap dancing club with his mates!

Well, at least it’s all out in the open.

According to reports, Kev and his pals jetted off to Las Vegas and had a jolly old time at strip club Spearmint Rhino.

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the boys apparently dined out on fine steak at a place called Pink Taco and the following night they decided to heat things up.

“Kevin had several lap dances. But they didn’t get out of line,” a so-called ‘source’ told WENN news.

Unfortunately, his missus was also in the area with her lady pals, taking in the more cultural show of Cirque Du Soleil.

After they both enjoyed themselves separately, they holed themselves up in their hotel room and haven’t been seen since.

Now that’s a modern marriage.

Source: Megastar News