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I made a few changes to the site (behind the scenes changes, and some visible changes too like the new header at the top of the page) and now the site should load a lot faster than before! I thought I’d do it now..because the new layout will be a bit longer before it’s released..probably around the start of March!

Official: Do Somethin' Out On February 28th In UK

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With ‘Do Somethin’ out on 28th February, Britney has once again teamed up with Bloodshy and Avant, who brought us the massive No.1 ‘Toxic’, to give us another fresh n funky track and the video is another classic.

With Britney on co-director role we’re teased with a space age tunnel and a door marked Mona Lisa (the track Britney revealed on US radio recently in it’s demo form) before we see Britney in a ‘Love Boat’ cropped top and funky trousers with one leg cut higher than the other. We also see Britney writhing around (tongue-in-cheek) in gorgeous black lingerie and faux fur top.

Take a ride in the pink truck which flys high above the clouds before heading to ‘Hole In The Wall’ club where Britney and her pals encourage everyone to get up and ‘Do Somethin’.


Britney's Worried She's Not Fertile

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Britney Spears has still not gotten pregnant by hubby Kevin Federline, who has already fathered two children with his previous partner, Shar Jackson, the singer is worried that she may have a fertility problem. “She’s afraid it’s her fault they’re not pregnant yet,” a source told Star magazine. “But Britney says if she’s not pregnant by the end of January, she’ll go see a fertility specialist for help. She doesn’t care about the cost.”

Download: Britney's Call To TRL Today

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Here is a low quality version of Britney calling TRL today. She introduced Do Somethin’ and also said that there isn’t an album for this year (hmm.. she said there was before!). She said the song “Mona Lisa” is from a show she’s doing next year.

She also talks about her dice tattoo.


Thanks a lot to David for the audio!

Note About "New" Songs For Album

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I just wanted to point out that the songs all sites are posting about are NOT new. “Sacred,” “Free,” “Givin’ It Up For Love” and “Hollow,” were all recorded for IN THE ZONE, they are NOT new, these tracks have been confirmed for 2 years now…we just haven’t heard them yet.

Britney To Attend AVMA's In March…If You Vote

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Hi Danny,

I’m just emailing to tell you i was watching MTV and it was going through
the nominations for the Australian Video Music Awards in March, and they
confirmed that Britney was coming here for them, their exact words were ‘If
you vote for Ms.Spears you might see her accept the award, in the flesh”
Just thought you’d like yo know

>From Vishnan

You can vote for Britney at the AVMA’s here

Search For Manchester Tour Bootleg

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Hey, I never posted this on the site before but I’ve wanted to ask ever since I went to the concert. Does anyone have a video/DVD/audio .. ANYTHING of the Manchester UK Onyx Hotel Tour on May 1st 2004?

Even if you don’t have any from Manchester, what about any other of the UK tour dates?

E-Mail me at mail [at] britneyspy .com if you have anything/know anyone who does. I’m willing to pay for it via PayPal!