South Africa Curious About Britney

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Fresh Strategy is proud to announce the launch of the new Britney Spears Curious range. This is the first time the product will be showcased in South Africa. The promotion begins on the 1st of March 2005 in Johannesburg, the 4th in Cape Town and Durban at selected retail stores.

The range Curious by Britney Spears tempts the senses with fragrant blooms of Louisiana Magnolia and is created for any young, vibrant sexy women with high caliber. The scent of Curious is floral, musky and most definitely bold. She discovered that the unique fragrance of Curious has been derived from a white floral concoction. It’s unusual yet daring, the scent really is, well, “curious.”

Curious comes in a uniquely designed charming blue bottle. The pink and azure blue packaging was designed based on Britney’s two favorite colors, and the heart-shaped charms, which dangle from the bottle, were added to “bring luck in love.”

Thanks to John for the info!

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