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Article To Go With The Sun Scan Below

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BRITNEY Spears used to have a figure to DIE for — now it’s looking like one to DIET for.

The pop babe was seen reading a slimming magazine as she tumbathed, sorry sunbathed, in a green bikini.

She also seemed to be displaying a lot more up top as well, with her bikini almost busting under the strain at a spa resort in Santa Monica, California.

Britney, 22, showed good intentions by eating a low-calorie prawn salad while chatting on the phone.

A friend said: “Britney hates being overweight and is keen to shed the pounds she has put on since getting wed.”

Ah, that might explain it — after all, she did marry junk food fan Kevin FEDerline!

Official Site Updates About International Curious Launch

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Britney had a great time this weekend in New Orleans as she celebrated the International launch of her fragrance, “Curious.” Elizabeth Arden arranged a wonderful visit for contest winners from Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan & Japan to visit Britney’s home state of Louisiana and to meet Britney at a special dinner on Friday night. Britney is extremely excited about her fragrance now being available in stores all over the world and enjoyed meeting all of the contest winners!


X Files Star Wants To Move House Because Of Britney's Press

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David Duchovny, star of the X-Files, is considering moving away from Britney Spears.

Singing sensation Britney and new husband Kevin Federline moved in to the Malibu home next door to David and his wife Tea Leoni two months ago – and the area has been infested with photographers ever since.

While living next door to the pop starlet would be considered Lucky by many, Duchovny feels she is far from Overprotected and it is His Prerogative to Do Somthin’ and move house – as Everytime he goes outside the press Drive Him Crazy.

David noted: “Britney moved in a couple of months ago, and since then it’s been crazy.

“The other day I was walking to a restaurant and there were photographers in front, and they took a picture of me.

“I asked, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘We’re waiting for Britney.’ I knew they weren’t waiting for me.”

Britney Wins Her "In The Zone" Courtcase Against Lite Breeze Inc.

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Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS has walked away victorious from a court battle with a clothing company over the name of her 2003 album IN THE ZONE.

San Diego, California, athletic-clothing company LITE BREEZE INC claimed trademark infringement, since it used the phrase “in the zone” in association with its promotion of music and live sporting events.

But the judge granted the TOXIC singer’s request for a summary judgment and ruled in the favour of the defence, reports MTV.