Shar Jackson Retracts Her Statement About Britney In New Interview

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After expressing her doubts over whether Britney Spears could deal with being a mother, Shar Jackson, the ex-girlfriend of Britter’s husband, Kevin Federline, and mother of his two children has retracted her statement.

Jackson previously said: “A baby is not a dog, you can’t just put it away… I don’t know if Britney realises how hard it will be.”

However, in a new interview with MTV Jackson has denied being bitter about her break up with Federline and has said: “My main priority in life is my family, and you know what? In some strange, distant way, she’s part of that now.”

“Every time she (comes over) I give her a hug (and) we hang out for a little bit before they go on their merry way. And I’m cool with that.”

“It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, Britney’s in the house!’.”

What a weird family…

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