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Official 2006 Calendar?

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I found this online, which is said to be the official 2006 calendar. A well known online store says that it will be released by the Signatures Network (all the other Britney calendars were released by them) on August 31st 2005.

I’m not sure though.. it’s really strange for them to announce the official calendar so soon, and it looks like a copy of this year’s US one too!

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey On Britney's Pregnancy

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The hottest stars of Hollywood gathered Wednesday night for the Hot Young Hollywood Awards, but it seemed like most of the A-listers had other happy news on their minds.

Nick and Jessica weren’t talking about their own future family names — they were just caught up in the Britney baby buzz. “I think it’s amazing,” Jessica told us. “My mom had me at a very young age, and I loved growing up with a young mother.”

Any name suggestions, Jessica? “I think Lily’s cute,” she said. “Samantha’s a good girl’s name,” Nick added.

Source: Extra

Rumour: Britney Looking For House In Vegas

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Britney Spears sells her New York apartment and plans to buy a house in Las Vegas where her baby was apparently conceived.

Britney Spears has put down a deposit on a luxury homes currently being built near Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

According to the New York Post, Britney’s first child was conceived in Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Vegas is also her husband Kevin Federline’s favourite city.

In the meanwhile, Britney Spears has been forced to cut the price of her New York apartment by several thousand dollars.

The pop singer’s pad has been on the market for nine months and will now cost $1,500,000 according to Ananova. Britney paid about 2 million for the apartment in 2002 meaning a loss of 500,000.

The East Village apartment is 4,400-square-foot has 13-foot ceilings, several wood-burning fireplaces, three bedrooms, four baths, a solarium and large rooftop terrace. Previous owners include Keith Richards and Russell Simmons.

Source: Fashion Monitor

Britney's Baby Buzz

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Using her prerogative, Britney Spears conceived with scruffy husband Kevin Federline. Searchers weren’t shocked, because rumors of the Cajun chanteuse’s pregnancy were swirling for weeks. The “is she or isn’t she” guessing game ended when Britney came down from the balcony and proclaimed her pregnancy on her official web site.

Searches on the perennially popular pop star scaled new heights, up an astonishing 195% yesterday and into our coveted top search perch. While her recently announced reality show barely roused her buzz, the mere confirmation of a Spears-Federline offspring made Britney’s buzz sizzle. Maybe she should try this whole pregnancy thing more often. Related searches on “Britney Spears Pregnancy” (+564%) and “Britney Spears Pregnant” (+1,003%) rocketed up our search movers chart.

Queries on baseball-cap aficionado Kevin Federline soared, up 1,865% in the wake of the happy news. K-Fed’s original baby mama, Shar Jackson, also surged in searches, up 1,092%.

Now all buzz attention focuses directly on Britney’s soon-to-be-bulging tummy. Tabloids will surely watch her every move to see if she’s holding a cigarette or doubling up on her Cheetos intake. While we’re not in a position to offer advice to pregnant women, we can suggest some top baby name queries for the expecting starlet:

Popular Baby Names — Britney, please spare us another Kayla.
Unique Baby Names — can she one-up Gwyneth Paltrow?
Indian Baby Names — Aishwarya would be an awesome Bollywood-Hollywood crossover.

Do you think Britney will go outside the box and stun us all with a unique moniker a la Apple? Or will she stay within the confines of an Ashley, Tiffany, or Madison? Only time, Buzz, and Britney will tell…

Source: Yahoo Buzz