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Rumour: Britney Goes All Religous On New Album

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The next album from Britney Spears, which at it’s pending title “Original Doll”, will not only decrease the amount of sexual meanings, but will also encourage a new encounter this time.

Spears says: “Not only am I a believer in Christ, I think it is time that I should give him a meaning and not use as much personal life in my songs anymore. I cannot dance in a cat suit my entire life; I am a legally married woman.”

Her new bonus track, Mona Lisa (which was featured on a popular KISS fm LA radio station a couple of months ago) has mentioned the word God one time. Spears reports that she will also have more reports of the word Christ, Lord, and God in a positive meaning and that she will try not to let the label leak out anymore ‘profane’ hits on her next album. But it is still possible.

“I already said what I had to say with My Prerogative on my Hits CD. This time it’s gonna have a meaning. But no, it will not be gospel.” Britney says the Extra Reporter. Credit goes to & U!

Pics: Britney, Kevin & Kori Walking In Their Hotel (April 2nd)

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline spend some quality time with Kevin’s daughter Kori while they stay at a Santa Monica hotel. The couple has been rumored to have troubles lately but they seem to be trying to work it out. Also notice Britney’s swelling tummy – further evidence that she’s pregnant with her first baby. Also Kevin Federline’s parents came to visit. They took his daughter from Shar Jackson for a shopping trip and came back with flowers.

Thanks a lot to Katie for the pics! Click the image to view them all.

Desperate Housewives Stars Back Britney's Tabloid Attack Too

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Desperate Housewives actresses Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria have supported Britney Spears’s complaints about the tabloid media.

While appearing on Access Hollywood, Cross spoke about recent reports suggesting that she is a lesbian.

“I’ve learned personally that they can write anything they want,” Cross explained. “It’s hard, and the fact that she would say that doesn’t surprise me – it’s a hard thing to continually, in your private life, have to deal with. I don’t know how you protect yourself, I really haven’t got any ideas.”

Longoria admitted that she would like to start a group effort, against the tabloid media.

“I think we should totally unite and just ban those tabloid magazines,” she said.

Source: Digital Spy

Britney Snubbed By Desperate Housewives Makers

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BRITNEY SPEARS has been refused a cameo part in hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – despite begging producers to cast her.

The TOXIC superstar’s request was snubbed because producers fear big name personalities will detract from the adventures of the show’s main characters.

JAMES DENTON, who plays hunky plumber MIKE DELFINO, says, “Britney Spears’ people have been trying to get her on the show and I can promise you that will never happen.

“Everyone in Hollywood wants to be a guest star.”

Source: Contact Music

This is probably true because I saw an interview with the creator of the show, and he said he didnt’t want any “famous” guest stars on the show, so as to keep the show as “real” as possible to viewers.

Pamela Anderson: "I Support Britney 100%"

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Pam Anderson is throwing her support behind Britney Spears.

Tired of pregnancy reports, Britney Spears this week lashed out at the tabloid media for apparently making stuff up about her.

Anderson told Access Hollywood that she could go “sue crazy” on everybody for misrepresenting or misjudging her character, but she said, “At the end of the day, hopefully people realize that the tabloids are just awful.”

She added that they sell magazines based on negative stories about people, and that no one’s going to buy happy stories.

On March 30, Spears wrote an open letter to what she called “False Tabloids.”

In the letter she wrote, “As you read this letter, I bet you are asking yourself: Who? Who, me? Am I a false tabloid? Well, I don’t know. But after this posting, I hope you are asking yourself a lot of questions. Your employees are a reflection of your magazine. Do you, Us Weekly, In Touch, Star and other desperate magazines want employees who are honest, or those who are liars? It seems to me that you’d prefer the latter. I’m really concerned about the people you hire to work at your companies. I’d like them to ask themselves the question, “What am I lying to myself about?” Is it that you are 50 pounds overweight? Is it that your children aren’t making wise decisions? Or is it maybe that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you? Until you face what is going on in your life, I guess you’ll remain a false tabloid.”

Spears also wrote that People Magazine is great in her book.

Anderson, star of Fox’s upcoming sitcom “Stacked,” said she won’t allow any tabloid magazines in her presence. “I just said, ‘Look, I don’t want any of that stuff around me.”‘

Rumour: Kevin Got Lap Dances In Vegas…Again

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KEVIN Federline left his rumored-to-be-pregnant wife,
Britney Spears, at her brother’s Santa Monica apartment last weekend,
and headed to Las Vegas. While there, the dancer partied with pals at
Pure, in the company of self-described “VIP escort” Vanessa Hulihan, Us
Weekly reports. “At one point, she was sitting on his lap,” one onlooker
tells the mag. “. . . he was sliding his hand between her thighs.”
Federline and Hulihan “hung out” all weekend, Us says, and he “refused
to answer Britney’s phone calls. He’s been telling friends he doesn’t
want her to have his baby.” He added: “If I ever get a divorce, I want
to move to Vegas.” Nice.

Source: NY Post
Thanks a lot to Celeste!

I wouldn’t usually post stuff like this, but it’s all over UK TV and papers so I decided to post it.