A Couple Of Fan Reviews/Comments About The First Episode Of Chaotic

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Well as it was explained to us for the past couple of weeks “Chaotic” which was created and produced by Britney Spears and Kevin Federline it’s a show that is suppose to tell the world what and how they exactly fell in love with one another. Britney wants to show the world the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Britney doesn’t hold back in the first episode when she is asking questions about love, commitment and even about sex.

She asks everyone a very personal question ” What is your favorite sex position” while she did get some responses, when the tables were turned and her friends asked her on camera she clammed up and didnt respond.

Later of course during hour premiere Kevin is introduced to us as her friend she had met from LA. He is flown in to the Uk to be with her. As the moments pass with them on screen you can the flirting just take off!

In one scene when Felicia has the camera on Britney, she is running and Fe’ asks’ britney “why couldnt i come in here before?” Britney simply replied “because i was having sex”

I think this show is an execellent outlet for britney and kevin, to show all the people out in the world who are obsessed with every move they do that they are indeed a NORMAL couple!

Yeah, britney may have said some things that are to be meant for the bedroom but come on, she is just living, and lets face it she probably didnt know that her home videos were gonna make it on tv.

I am totally hooked to this show just because I love britney, i lover her music, her dancing and her corkiness! and if kevin is now in the picture well im just gonna have to accept him too!

I believe this show will bring a lot to her fans, its another way to look at britney now that she isnt performing!

Great job! ***** stars!

Melissa Andrade


Here is what I thought of the show –

First off I just want to say that I have always been a huge fan of Britney. I mean I check her website and your website everyday. However, after seeing the show I was a little embarrassed on her part. She reminds me of myself in middle school. I feel sorry for her because she seems to lack maturity, which is NOT her fault. Although, I do like Kevin a lot more! Before seeing last nights show I did not like him and wanted her to get back with Justin. However, now I feel that he keeps her grounded. In conclusion, I would have to say that I don’t look up to her as much after that show. There were a couple of cute moments where you saw the real Britney but she just was really annoying! I feel like I am Britney bashing. I am not trying to do that – I just simply look at her different now. She just is so oblivious to reality.

Suwanee, GA


Can we handle her truth?

That was Britney’s question for her reality show ‘Britney and Kevin:
Chaotic’. But can we really handle it?

I can believe that a lot of people may be shocked about what they have
seen; Britney who obviously looks very lonely and even asked other
people about their favourite sexposition?!? It was something we
totally didn’t expected. I know, we have always said that we know that
she’s a normal person with the same needs we all have. Even I did. But
I think I never understood it. I said it and I thought I knew, but I
didn’t. The show has really opened my eyes; Britney is just a young
woman who want to be loved. But I can believe it was too shocking for
a lot of people about the way she expresses that. Even I was surprised
about the way she spokes about intimate questions, even though I come
from Holland where it’s normal to speak open about your sexuality.
Because hey, lets face it. What’s so wrong about that?

Possibly that’s the reason why people may be shocked about the show.
You have an image of somebody for years now. Someone you looked up to.
And you know, it is just a normal person. But one way or the other you
still have got a person in your head who is created by the media, even
when you think you totally know her. The show reflected that she isn’t
the person who you thought she was. The ideal image, the person you
looked up to, doesn’t exist. Maybe you find her annoying like the way
she does her things now. But let me tell you; you act differently when
you’ve got a camera in your hand en you’re filming yourself or others.
Sometimes you act crazy or you ask questions to people which you
normally don’t ask. You can say it’s like chatting on the computer.
You can say en ask everything you like without being ashamed.

So did we saw the real Britney? Yes we did. But only in an extreme
way. She definitely won’t be like that all the time. Just when the
camera is on. The things she said are things which you talk about with
good friends or family and not with the whole world. But Britney
didn’t know that this video would be broadcasted all around the world!
Just think about it; that your home video will be broadcasted around
the world for everybody to see. I bet you will not do that, because
you would be ashamed about it. At least, I would.

I find it brave what Britney has done. Otherwise, I don’t know if it
was wise. Some fans will be disappointed. Or some will be disappointed
but don’t say it. I have learn about it that Hollywood is just a big
lie. I was also disappointed. Not because of Britney, but for
believing is someone for years who didn’t exist. But I’m happy I saw
the real Britney for the first time. And I’m glad Kevin is in her life
now, ‘cause I was really worried about the things which you saw in the
beginning of the episode. All the marriage, commitment and sex
questions? They were just reflections about the fact that she was
lonely. ‘Cause why all those intimate questions? It’s easy to tell;
people who talk about it very much, are the people who really miss
those things where they talking about. Therefore thank you Kevin, for
being there for her. For me? I just start all over again with being a
fan, but this time without Hollywood on my side. I hope the rest will
do too.

Fleur (22), webmaster of BritneyNieuws.com
The Netherlands (Holland, that small country in Europe)

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