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Britney Says TV Show Will Make Us "Fall In Love" With Kevin

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BRITNEY SPEARS chose to make her reality TV debut with a home video show – because she used her little camera to woo husband KEVIN FEDERLINE.

The couple will unveil their new series, BRITNEY + KEVIN: CHAOTIC, on US TV next week (17MAY05), and Spears is convinced her fans will fall for her man just as she did when they see the candid footage.

She says, “I think my fans are going to fall completely in love with him, just like I did. He’s the sexiest thing in the world. And he’s sensitive. He’s a perfect husband. He’s awesome.”

The footage, taken from the hours of home video footage the pair shot of their courtship, will feature the couple as they fall in love while the pop star trekked around the world on her 2004 ONYX HOTEL TOUR.

Britney adds, “We kind of used the camera to get to know each other better. I invited him to come see me in London. I didn’t really know him that well and when I got the camera out, it made me feel better.

“This whole project got started with me holding a little camera and just taking it on tour with me. A lot of this footage was done a year ago. My husband and I were looking back at it and we thought we would share it with everybody.”

Source: Contact Music

Britney Slams Sickness Rumours

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Expectant superstar BRITNEY SPEARS has rubbished reports she was rushed to hospital over the weekend (07-08MAY05), insisting she is experiencing a trouble-free pregnancy.

British newspapers alleged yesterday (09MAY05) Spears had fallen ill while babysitting for her three-year-old step-daughter KORI – while her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE was working on his new album at a Los Angeles recording studio – and dashed off to hospital for extensive checks.

An insider claimed, “She was playing with Kori on the grass outside the studios.

“She started to look unwell and was holding her stomach. She called Kevin out of the studio to tell him she was getting worse.”

But a spokesperson for the star insists, “I am glad to tell you that there (are) no issues.

“She was at the hospital on a routine check-up and all is fine.”

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Britney Sued By "Original Author" Of "Sometimes"

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An Indiana songwriter is suing singer Britney Spears for copyright infringement, alleging he wrote the song “Sometimes” when she was still an 8-year-old.

A lawyer for Steve Wallace, of Anderson, filed a three-count complaint May 5 in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis against Spears; her album promoter, Sony/BMG Music Publishing; and recording and publishing companies affiliated with the singer.

The complaint acknowledges Wallace, 34, did not formally copyright his song until 2003. A few weeks after writing the song in 1990, he executed what’s commonly known as a “poor man’s” copyright in which he placed his work in a sealed envelope and obtained a postmark.

He shopped the song around to publishers in 1994 and submitted it to a lyric contest in Pennsylvania in 1997.

Spears, 23, obtained a U.S. copyright for “Sometimes” on Jan. 22, 1999.

The lyrics of the song sung by Spears are nearly identical to those written by Wallace, a side-by-side comparison submitted as evidence shows.

Source: Indystar

Britney's "Pregnancy Test" Auctioned Online For $5,001

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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – The Internet casino noted for its unusual eBay purchases acquired Britney Spears’ alleged pregnancy test for $5,001, according to a statement Thursday.

An Ottawa music station, Hot 89.9, secured the pregnancy test through a connection it has in the Los Angeles hotel where Britney and her husband Kevin Federline stayed. The positive test was found in the waste basket of the couple’s bathroom and then sold to The Morning Hot Tub radio broadcast, according to the statement.

Like many of the items the Internet casino has bought, proceeds from this sale will go to charity. The two charities that will benefit from this purchase are the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, which provides support to children with cancer and their families, and the Easter Seal Society, which helps children with physical disabilities.

The Internet casino also recently paid $75,100 for the McDonald’s “French fry” shaped like Abraham Lincoln and last November the company bought the “Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich” on eBay (Research) for $28,000.

Britney Prepares For Latest Edition To Her Home..A Giant Septic Tank

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BRITNEY SPEARS is preparing for a new addition to her home – an 11,300 litre (2,500 gallon) septic tank.

The TOXIC singer and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE will be installing a fourth septic tank into their Malibu, California, home, according to work permits filed with the city of Los Angeles and viewed by US WEEKLY.

The mother-to-be also has plans for a Koi pond and new pool, spa and water slide to be installed.

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More Information About "Trading Paint"

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SEXY US singer Britney Spears is making a film set in the world of motor racing.

The 23-year-old pop princess has signed up to produce the £29 million drama called Trading Paint and is expected to take a starring role.

Details of Britney’s new Nascar racing projectm which begins shooting next year, were announced today at the Cannes Film Festival.

The plot revolves around the rivalry between two racing drivers who lost touch after both surviving a terrible crash, according to industry magazine Screen International.

Years later they are brought together for a final race by a young woman – a part likely to be played by Britney.

It will be the pregnant star’s second movie venture.

In 2002 she made her big-screen debut in critically-panned film Crossroads.

Source: The Sun

Britney & Kevin To Appear On The Ellen DeGeneres Show On Tuesday?

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I heard this morning on the radio that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are going to be appearing on the Ellen show here in the US on Tuesday to promote their new show.

Thanks a lot to pammammarelli for sending this info!

Oh and to all the people who aren’t crediting, it’s getting really old now, everybody knows where you’re getting the updates that I wrote, so why steal? And to think, the main reason I’m writing this is because it’s one of my AFFILIATES who keeps stealing news, funny, huh? You know who you are.

More Info About "B&K: Chaotic" From The Executive Producer

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britney spears chaotic Britney Spears sang “hit me baby, one more time” to fans, but last year she sang a different tune into a digital camera. Now UPN is fashioning dozens of hours of her home-video footage into a five-episode reality series being rushed on the air Tuesday (9 p.m. ET/PT) to give the network an extra push to end the regular TV season.

The show offers no breaking news about Spears and Kevin Federline, her former backup dancer turned husband, who also took turns behind the camera.

And the show probably won’t even mention Spears’ newly revealed pregnancy.

Instead, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic promises “personal” glimpses of an eight-month span last year, shortly after they met, from last spring’s European tour to the couple’s December wedding.

What’s unusual is the source material.

“Other reality shows have followed Farrah or followed Paris and Nicole,” executive producer Susan Zirinsky says. “This didn’t set out to be a reality show; it became one after the fact.”

Spears and Federline used a digital video camera to record a diary of her tour and their budding romance. She interviews her assistant, bodyguards and other members of her entourage, and turns the camera on herself, sitting in a makeup chair. Federline also gets into the act, filming Spears.

“It’s almost as if the camera is part of the relationship,” Zirinsky says. “At first, it’s a goof; it’s a vehicle for fun.” But later it’s like therapy: “She sort of steps back and is scared of her relationship, scared of committing, and he tries to help. Sometimes it’s easier to ask a question when you’re looking into a viewfinder.”

The footage won’t win awards. “Some of it’s really shaky,” says Zirinsky, who is executive producer of CBS’ 48 Hours newsmagazine but also has dabbled in entertainment specials, including Friday’s Elvis by the Presleys on CBS.

And though 90% of the show is culled from the couple’s footage, UPN shot interviews with Spears and Federline, separately and together, to stitch together the chronological story. Both are credited as executive producers.

On her Web site, Spears says the series is a response to “constant rumors and inaccurate speculation about our lives together. I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life, and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened.”

Says Zirinsky: “I think people don’t know who she really is. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself. But no one is going to be able to walk away from this and not think she’s adorable. This is raw, and this is very much her story.”

After premiering with a one-hour episode Tuesday, the series will air half-hour editions for three weeks before wrapping up with an hour-long finale planned for June 14. The episodes will repeat on either MTV or VH1 a week after their UPN run.

Source: USA Today

December wedding?? Typo, or is this the secret “second wedding” that was rumoured to take place ? I guess we’ll find out soon!

More Album/Soundtrack Rumours

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I got an email from Anna-Belle about the Chaotic soundtrack which is also Britney’s new album that she’s been talking about on TRL (remember when she mentioned something about a new project for a show…). So yeah, Anna-Belle’s uncle has a friend who’s gonna mix the album and he got the soundtrack for us.

Britney Spears
Chaotic – Music Of The UPN TV Show: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic

02.Money, Love, Happiness
04.Hollow Sound
05.Your Pretty Eyes
06.Take Off
07.U-Turn (With Kayne West)
08.From Bad 2 Worse
09.Mona Lisa (She’s Gone)
10.The Style
12.Drive Into Me
13.Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On
14.I See Your Face Everyday (With Kevin Federline)
15.I’ve Had The Time Of My Life (With Kevin Federline)

Chaotic is of course the first single off of the album and it’s also the main theme song for the reality show.

Guilty and Mona Lisa are a lot different from the actual demos we got to hear.

The album includes three duets. Two with Kevin Federline and one with Kayne West.