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Australian Chaotic Radio Update & TV Debut

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Hi Danny,
I was just wondering where you got the info on Chaotic premiering in Australia in two weeks? I really want this to be true but I can’t find confirmation of this anywhere. Also, just another update, Chaotic has climbed slowly up the Hot30 Countdown in Australia, it started at number 15 this week, but last night was in the number 3 position, lets hope it gets to number 1 tonight ( for more info and to vote). Thanks for the great site once again, please answer my question above,

Well, to answer your question, according to tobstar73 from, the show will debut in 2 weeks after the last 2 episodes of the OC finish. It will air on the channel “Ten” at 8:30PM every Tuesday.

Chaotic To Air In August On E4 (UK)

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“Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” will officially begin airing in the UK this August, as part of the new E4 schedule. “Heat” magazine reports: “the notorious fly-on-the-wall series about Britney & her new husband, which is partly filmed by the star herself will air on E4 this August. Amongst the best moments is Britney’s own camera focusing on two fuzzy mounds. “They look like boobs – but they’re mah knees!” she says!”

Source: UK Britney.TV

I also heard that it will start in 2 weeks in Australia!

Rumour: Britney To Give Birth In Arizona

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We knew Britney Spears really liked Arizona when she spent a load of cash at the Biltmore Fashion Park earlier this year, only to return a few days later to snatch up a tiara that she just couldn’t get out of her head. reports that Spears has decided to deliver her new baby in a Scottsdale hospital.

According to the item which cites an upcoming issue of Star magazine, the pop tart has selected a deluxe room in an unnamed Scottsdale hospital, where the administrators have arranged to clear the rooms on either side of her for privacy.

Unwanted expectant mothers and babies are not the only ones on Spears’ hot list. Apparently the mommy-to-be is leery of hospital staffers as well.

“Britney wants all the nurses serving her to be given background checks,” said an insider. Nurses and hospital staff likely to come in contact with Spears will reportedly be screened by hospital administrators as well Spears’ mom before being given the all clear.

The tattler adds that the event will be a catered affair complete with flower arrangements. “Britney wants white and yellow roses in the room when she gets there,” said the source.

Source: AZ Central
Thanks to: J Lassen

Another Psychic Predicts Britney's Future For

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I am a psychic with over twenty years experience. My abilities have been validated during a reading on more than one occasion with famed psychic Sylvia Brown. I can validate that what our previous friend the “anonymous psychic” has to say regarding settled down Britney, however there are a few pieces of the puzzle that is Britney Spears life that I will attempt to add on for you as well.
I think Britney will give birth in September. I am certain their fighting has already begun on a massive scale, however she mistakes this fighting and making up for true love which is going to cause the relationship to drag on for closer to a seemingly endless two years . The publicity will annoyingly mirror Ben and Jen (which will be by the way another fiasco for Affleck when this new Ben and Jen relationship splits within the same time period as Britney and Kevin.) Both of these mothers, Britney and Jennifer, must prepare themselves for single parenting. Although one father will show genuine interest in their child, and be absent only to geographical differences, the other will begin public displays of disrespect towards his beloved when the money tree stops shaking and the baby upstages his imaginary would be fame.
An angry Britney will emerge for a shorter period than she will think possible at the time. By the time the baby girl is two years of age a maternal, sexy ,triumphant, and more mature Britney will once again own the industry as top pop diva! And this will be just the beginning of several maturing cycles for Britney. While Britney was accurately warned about Kevin, the experience will have served her well when she looks back several years from now. Kevin shows signs of genuine affection for Britney ,however living too large too fast and being a creature of habit, he will likely continue through life adhering to the identical patterns of behavior he’s shown in the past.
That’s it for now. Let’s all wish Britney, her baby ,and Kevin well as their lives are reflecting the same challenges and changes as the rest of us are experiencing over the next few years. Pay attention to patterns of those around you and become aware of the facts that will become clear to you all. “Whatever you’re going through, most all those around you will be going through a similar or exact experience. Larger or smaller scale…It’s all relative.”


Rumoured Chaotic DVD Info

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Release Information:

Studio: UPN Television
Type: Reality/Documentary
Release Type: Season Boxed Set
Release Date: 11/07/2005
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 5
Running Time: 154 mins
Retail Price: $19.99 (US$)
$29.99 (CAN$)

Audio/Video Information:

Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English – Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: None/Unknown


Grammy Award-winning pop icon Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline’s new television reality series that shares their personal love story through exclusive, never-before-seen private home videos that were shot by themselves during their courtship, engagement and wedding.

This fun, uniquely personal series, shot mostly by Britney and Kevin with their own camera, will give viewers a rare glimpse inside the couple’s relationship and life together. The footage begins shortly after Britney and Kevin first met in Los Angeles and headed off to Europe together on tour, leading up to and including their wedding day. Also included during the final episode is a world premiere video for the track, “Someday (I Will Understand)” which Spears penned recently about having a baby. UPN also shot new footage and commentary with Britney and Kevin that helps guide viewers through their story.

Disc Features:

Disc One (DVD):
• Can You Handle My Truth?
• Who Said Anything About Love?
• Scared To Love You
• Magic Happens
• Veil of Secrecy

Disc Two (CD):
1. Someday (I Will Understand)
2. Chaotic
3. New Track [TBA]
4. New Track [TBA]

5. Do Somethin’ [Remix – TBA]
6. Chaotic [Remix – TBA]
7. Chris Cox Megamix

Bonus Features:

Disc One (DVD):
• Blooper Reel
• Music Videos for “Someday (I Will Understand)” ,“Do Somethin’” and “Chris Cox Megamix”
• Behind the Scenes – “Someday” Video Shoot
• Rare Deleted Scenes
• “I Do, Love You” – The Spears/Federline Wedding

Credit: overprotected22

The info sounds real but..I’m not sure.

I’ll keep you posted whether this becomes official or if it’s all fake.

Jive Records Finally Confirms "Someday" Release

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Britney’s official Jive Records website, have finally added information regarding the release of the video. You can also hear a HIGH QUALITY version of the song at their site, and this is NOT a video rip. Don’t believe the versions that “leaked” a couple of weeks ago, which were rumoured to be CD rips – they were all fakes.


"Fantasy Britney Spears" – The Sequel To Curious

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fantasy britney spears

“Our aim with Fantasy is to capture Britney in a new phase of her life”, said Steele. “Curious was about taking chances, being rebelious, bold and young. Fantasy is more romantic and sexy. Now that Britney is married and starting a family, its time for a more seductive, elusive fragrance. We’re developing brand concepts that resonate with consumers.”

The Fantasy juice, developed by Ann Gottlied and Givaudan, has top notes of red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi; a heart of cupcake accord, jasmine petals and white chocolate orchids, and a drydown of creamy musk, orris root and sensual roots.

Its bottle, designed by Jean Antretter, is a fuschia orb studded with pale green Swarowski crystals, with a neck of interlocking rings meant to symbolize the pursuit of everlasting love and a cap of transparent fuschia.

Source: WWD
Image Credit: Graphixfx11

UPDATE: I have found out that the red bottle is Fantasy, the blue one is J Lo’s new one (I wasn’t sure which was which before)