Chaotic Episode 3 Ratings Down 27% From Episode 2

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Perhaps Britney Spears would have been better off saving herself for her wedding day a la “Newlywed” Jessica Simpson. At least that would have added some element of suspense to her new show, UPN’s “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.”

It’s one thing to read rumors about the pop princess’s sex life in the tabloids. It’s quite another to watch it play out on TV, where Spears’ dull new show is bombing.

Last night the third episode of the show posted a 1.1 rating among viewers 18-49, according to Nielsen overnights. That’s a 26.6 percent drop from episode two’s 1.5 last week, and a 42.1 percent drop from the 1.9 rating the premiere earned two weeks ago.

It’s also down by almost a third from the May 17 premiere among total viewers, averaging just 2.47 million last night. At this rate, Britney may average fewer viewers than Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey do on MTV, and that’s a little embarrassing considering the latter is on cable.

“Chaotic” chronicles the romance between Spears and future husband Federline through home video shot by the couple while on tour.

Those videos mostly consist of Brit and Kevin talking about sex, talking about when they will have sex, and talking about the sex they just had. There’s no plot, no suspense and no fun, especially when Spears turns philosophic: “Love to me is a lot of things. Love is respect. Love is commitment. Love is honesty. Love is trust. Love is not just love. Love is all of those things combined.” She added: “My love doesn’t scare me. Others people’s love scares me.”

During the first episode, the sex talk was heaviest. Spears asked her dancers what their favorite sex position was and bragged that she and Kevin had sex three times in a day.

Source: Media Life Magazine

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