Britney & Kevin Interview/Cover Story In The Next "People" Magazine

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They talk about the baby–It was planned. (Not surprising.)

They talk about sex (of course)–It’s better than ever.

They talk about Britney’s cravings–She likes pickles with vanilla Breyers’ ice cream.

Britney making a comeback–She wants to spend time with her baby but she’s sure that they’ll come a time when she’ll want to get back to work but things will definitely be different than they were before. (That’s almost verbatim.)

They don’t know the sex of the baby(or so they tell the magazine).

The cover pic is a photo that was taken around the time of show promotions. I think all of the pictures used were those taken in Arizona because, if I recall correctly, she still has the brown hair in them.

This is just a wrap up of what I saw on both ET and E! News

Credit: tweetyfan8

I also heard that the interviewer who did this interview with them, said that Britney said she was done with touring and wouldn’t be doing it anymore! 🙁

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