Britney Expecting Twins?

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Are twins on the way for Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline? Judging by the size of Brit’s bump, that could well be the case – even her sources reckon her speedy weight gain is a sign that two mini-Federlines are on the way.

One source said: ‘Britney is only supposed to be five months along, but she already looks like she’s gained nearly all the weight she is supposed to have throughout her pregnancy.’ But could the bigger bump just be a result of Britney’s extra eating habits? In May, she stated how much she enjoyed eating for two and said: ‘It’s so much fun; I get to eat lots and lots!’

But her recent musings over the sex of the baby have also sparked rumours that it could be twins. Her source added: ‘Lately, they’ve been reluctant to talk about whether Brit might be expecting a boy or a girl. Instead, they cryptically give the answer that she’s expecting a boy one week, and a girl the next.’ And the 23-year-old pop princess’s shopping behaviour has been equally puzzling – she’s been buying baby clothes for boys and girls.

Kevin already has two children with his ex, Shar Jackson, so we wonder how he feels about all this. According to another source, he might be more than a little anxious: ‘Kevin would probably freak over double duty, but Britney would be over the moon!’

Source: Star Magazine

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