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Hi there,
There are so many rumors and all going around about Britney Spears that I wanted to try and clear a few things up for all of her fans. I visit your site a lot and it’s definitely an open site and I hope that you will take what I’m about to say seriously. This letter is not a joke, it’s not a prank, and I’m not some wacko. I am psychic and a fan of Britney so I wanted to tell you some of the truths out there about Britney.
1. Britney is not 4 months pregnant, she’s just started her 7th month.
2. The baby will be born in the middle of August not the end of September like I’ve seen some reports say.
3. I believe the baby will be a girl although it’s not really my strong area.
4. I believe Britney will name her some name that starts with a “y” or an “a” or “m”.
5. There is a lot of fighting and Kevin plays a lot of mind games with Britney and by February of next year they will be completely over.
6. Britney will be getting back with Justin towards the late/middle of 2006.
7. It will do wonders for both of their careers.

I have so much more to tell you like about her career and all but I’m gonna give you all a while to see this stuff happen to prove to you I’m right. Thanks. Hope this helps clear some confusion about Britney.
anonymous- I’m staying anonymous not because i;’m a coward but because I don’t want people to know who i am.

I’m not saying I agree with all this, I just thought I would post it for you all to read!

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