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I am a psychic with over twenty years experience. My abilities have been validated during a reading on more than one occasion with famed psychic Sylvia Brown. I can validate that what our previous friend the “anonymous psychic” has to say regarding settled down Britney, however there are a few pieces of the puzzle that is Britney Spears life that I will attempt to add on for you as well.
I think Britney will give birth in September. I am certain their fighting has already begun on a massive scale, however she mistakes this fighting and making up for true love which is going to cause the relationship to drag on for closer to a seemingly endless two years . The publicity will annoyingly mirror Ben and Jen (which will be by the way another fiasco for Affleck when this new Ben and Jen relationship splits within the same time period as Britney and Kevin.) Both of these mothers, Britney and Jennifer, must prepare themselves for single parenting. Although one father will show genuine interest in their child, and be absent only to geographical differences, the other will begin public displays of disrespect towards his beloved when the money tree stops shaking and the baby upstages his imaginary would be fame.
An angry Britney will emerge for a shorter period than she will think possible at the time. By the time the baby girl is two years of age a maternal, sexy ,triumphant, and more mature Britney will once again own the industry as top pop diva! And this will be just the beginning of several maturing cycles for Britney. While Britney was accurately warned about Kevin, the experience will have served her well when she looks back several years from now. Kevin shows signs of genuine affection for Britney ,however living too large too fast and being a creature of habit, he will likely continue through life adhering to the identical patterns of behavior he’s shown in the past.
That’s it for now. Let’s all wish Britney, her baby ,and Kevin well as their lives are reflecting the same challenges and changes as the rest of us are experiencing over the next few years. Pay attention to patterns of those around you and become aware of the facts that will become clear to you all. “Whatever you’re going through, most all those around you will be going through a similar or exact experience. Larger or smaller scale…It’s all relative.”


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