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Recap Of Chaotic Episode 3

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This week on Chaotic, Britney Spears’ UPN reality show, we were treated to several musical performances, a night-vision love confession and a handful of Brit’s cigarette butts.

Seven more things we now know about the pop star’s private life:

•Britney loves Kevin — and chips! The camera catches the first time Spears tells Kevin Federline she loves him; unfortunately it also catches Federline’s painful silence that follows. Hoping to downplay the one-sided moment, Spears shrugs it off and tells her beau, “I need to get some chips.”

•Britney could beat you up. Probably. “I could kick your a—,” she tells Federline. Later, during a workout, she playfully tells her sparring partner, “I wanna punch your face. I have a lot of anger inside.”

•Brad Pitt? Still sexy. After conducting an informal survey to find out if men would let their girlfriends sleep with Brad Pitt if they were allowed to sleep with Halle Berry, Spears turns to Federline. “Have you seen Brad Pitt in Fight Club?” she asks. Then she answers her own question. Survey says: “If it really boiled down to it, I wouldn’t do it.”

•Caffeine is a must. “Unless you get her coffee, she will bite your head off in the morning,” Spears’ security guard reveals. This week’s beverage of choice: cappuccino.

•Kev doesn’t dig the cigs. “Bad habits,” Federline hisses twice, while filming Britney puffing on cigarettes. (The irony: He smokes, too.)

•Their meeting was not a “setup.” Spears tells Federline she’s worried their first “hookup” was planned, meaning one of her friends or employees arranged the whole thing: “We went to a club, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, Kevin’s there. So that’s why I think you’re not real,” she tells him. Federline swears this wasn’t the case.

•Kevin has a way with words. This week’s most quotable line comes from Federline: “I think that you’re scared to love me,” he tells Spears. “And that makes me scared to love you.”

Coming up next week: The couple arrives at a “turning point,” and Britney pops the question.

Source: USA Today

Download: Chaotic Episode 3 (WMV)

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Here is Episode 3 of the show cut into 4 parts for easy downloading.

NOTE: You can only download 20mb per hour on rapid share and each part is around 10mb, which means you can download 2 parts per hour. See below for more instructions.


Download instructions:

1. Left click the links to access the rapidshare download pages (opens in a new window)

2. Scroll down and press the “Free” button

3. Scroll down and wait for your download ticket.. it should be no longer than a minute (depending on how many people are downloading) , after the countdown ends, the download link will appear!