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Shakira On Britney

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“They ask me if I’m Britney Spears”, she said, sitting on the terrace of a Miami hotel. “Twice a day. Are you Britney Spears? Can you give me an autograph?” Though she’s diplomatic about it, she also makes it clear, now, that Britney is not her peer: “I don’t find common places between her and I, besides the fact that she’s blonde. And the difference is, she laughs, “she’s probably a natural blonde, and I’m not.”

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Missy Elliott Horrified By The Britney-Madonna Lesbian Embrace!

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Rap star MISSY ELLIOTT was horrified when she witnessed BRITNEY SPEARS and MADONNA kissing at the 2003 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS rehearsals – as she knew her mother would be offended.

The WORK IT singer first suspected she had spied a spontaneous smooch between the pair, but she was amazed to learn they were rehearsing the kiss for the evening’s award ceremony.

She says, “At first I thought they were just … into each other.”

“Then Madonna was like, ‘Okay, let’s take it again.’ And, you know, we probably did that rehearsal 15 or 20 times.

“All I was thinking was, ‘Oh my God, my momma gonna watch this, and all the church people gonna call her up.'”

However, Elliott is not ruling out any lesbian lip-locking action herself.

She adds, ‘I would never say what I would never do. Never say never.”

Rumour: Britney & Kevin's Embarassing Disneyland Moment

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Pop Star Britney Spears was left completely abashed when she invited the Disney bosses to her hotel room and found husband Kevin Federline watching porn.

Both Britney and Kevin had been invited to celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary.

23-year-old Britney, who is expecting her first child soon, did not know where to look after Kevin had left the video running but quickly recovered her wits thereafter.

“Boys will be boys”, Femalefirst quoted her as saying.

“Honey, you didn’t tell me you’d brought along Sleeping Booty!”, she added.

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Britney Snubs Charlotte Church

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Charlotte Church says that meeting Britney Spears was a huge disappointment – because the singer didn’t want to meet her. The ‘Crazy Chick’ singer said: “I met her at an ‘NSync party when she was still with Justin Timberlake. “Her manager said, ‘Hi! Britney really wants to meet you!’ Britney turned around and went, ‘Nice to meet you!’ before turning around to keep chatting with her friends. She wanted to meet me so much she only uttered four words to me!”

The sexy singer has also admitted her bad luck with American stars is longstanding. The star says as a 14-year-old she missed out on the chance to work with R’n’B legend Puff Daddy. She added in an interview with Britain’s Smash Hits magazine: “When I was 14, Puff Daddy asked me to work with him. But my record company wouldn’t let me because I was ‘angelic’ and he was a rapper. Gutted!”

Source: Teen Today