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Download: New Chaotic Season Finale Commercial

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Here is a 31 second preview commercial to promote the season finale. It talks more about the world exclusive airing of the song and video for “Someday (I Will Understand)” and an UNMISSABLE surprise ending! I wonder what the surprise will be ๐Ÿ˜€


When you reach the download page, wait for the countdown to finish and then click the download button. Please don’t email me asking to upload it somewhere else because I’m not going to ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kevin Upgrades Britney's Engagment Ring

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Pregnant pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has received a special gift from her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE as she prepares for the birth of her first child – a 5.5-carat diamond ring.

The TOXIC singer, who is due to give birth in the autumn (05), is getting an upgraded ring to replace the one she picked out and bought for herself last year (04).

A friend explains, “I think it was because he wanted to buy her the diamond ring.”

The new ring, designed by CYNTHIA WOLFF, has a platinum band with a round, single diamond set in a classic style. Though Spears was spotted testing out a similar version of the ring in May (05), pals say the real thing won’t be delivered until later this month (JUN05).

A pal says, “Kevin is giving it to her, which is a huge gesture, I think. He’s a real stand-up guy. It is lovely and she’s very happy and excited. The gesture of the gift is huge.”

Source: Contact Music

“Stand-up guy” ?? Is it just me, or should he have just bought her one originally? He let her buy her own! It’s about time he bought her one with his own money…

Chaotic Episode 4 Run-Through (In Case You Haven't Seen It)

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Here is what happened in Tuesday’s episode of Chaotic, I know it’s late, sorry!

This week on Chaotic, Britney Spears’ UPN reality series, viewers were exposed to several more up-close kisses, a couple border patrol guards and a surprising marriage proposal. (Related item: Read a recap of last week’s episode)

Just picture her in the Viking helmet: Britney sings a little opera in the latest episode of Chaotic.

Once again, here are seven new things we learned about the pop star’s glamorous life:

1. She likes Spanish archways. “This is how I want my house to be when I get a house,” Spears says as she gestures toward the ceiling of her rented home in Madrid. (By now, her architectural dream may have come true.)

2. She does a mean Paula Abdul impersonation. In one brief, inspired moment, Spears delivers her rendition of the American Idol judge’s hit, Straight Up. Unfortunately, the singer barely gets through the chorus before she collapses in giggles.

3. Opera? Coming right up. “That was kind of cool,” Spears and Federline say after the singer leans out her hotel room window and belts out a couple operatic notes to folks on the street.

4. Britney’s bus is clean. Federline says Spears “freaked out” a bit after officers at the French-Spanish border stop and begin to search their bus, but the trouble doesn’t last long. “That’s got to be a boring job,” Brit says of the officials, adding, “At least I get to dress in tight outfits.”

5. You don’t need clothes to operate a video camera. In one scene, Federline points out that Spears (behind the camera) not only isn’t wearing any clothes, but several men happen to be sleeping inches away from her on the tour bus. “They don’t know I’m naked though, baby,” she tells him.

6. Brit is “fascinated with fountains.” Upon seeing a fascinating fountain, she tells her driver to stop the car, gathers a handful of coins and runs toward the water. “I won’t say what the wish was, but it came true,” she says.

7. Kevin didn’t propose. Nope, last night it was revealed that Spears popped the question โ€” and she did it during a long flight to New York. “It came out of left field and kind of slapped me in the face,” Federline says. Nevertheless, he said yes.

Coming next week: The couple gives viewers an inside peek at their surprise wedding.

Source: USA Today

They got the proposing part wrong though, as we all know, that wasn’t revealed last night, we’ve known it since last year when they announced it! Also, rememeber, Britney proposed to Kevin and he said no because he didn’t think it was right for the woman to ask the man. So then Kevin asked her and she said yes.

Chaotic Season Finale Spoiler

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Britney and Kevin reveal how they kept their wedding day plans a secret, not only surprising fans, but even their family members and closest friends with the private ceremony they held in Studio City, California, last November. Meanwhile, Britney and Kevin’s family and friends, including members of the wedding party, discuss how they arrived for a get-together and discovered the couple’s true plans for the evening.

Guest Stars: Jamie Lynn Spears (as Herself) Lynne Spears (as Herself)

Source: TV Tome

Also, at the end of last night’s episode, they said there would be a big surprise at the end of the episode, and also don’t forget to tune in to see the world premiere of “Someday (I Will Understand)” !

Britney Kidnap Fear!

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BRITNEY SPEARS became so worried when she was stopped by officials at the French-Spanish border while on tour last year (04), she started to fear she was going to be kidnapped.

While the TOXIC singer was on the European leg of her ONYX HOTEL TOUR, she and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE woke up in the middle of the night to find officers going through their belongings on the tour bus.

Federline reveals on the new reality show BRITNEY & KEVIN: CHAOTIC, “(We) woke up at two o’clock in the morning to the border patrol going through all of our luggage, with the dogs and all kinds of stuff. (Britney) started freaking out.

“I’m sitting there (thinking), ‘Okay they can’t really do anything, I don’t think, so I wasn’t really scared too much. But I thought it was funny how she was.”

As the search pressed on, Spears used her own camcorder to jokingly document that if anybody finds the tape, she wants to be remembered as a “good person”.

But her focus went from kidnapping to fashion, when she observed the officers’ uniforms.

She says, “That’s got to be a boring job. At least I get to dress up in tight outfits and change ’em up a little bit. They gotta wear the same damn thing every day.”

The couple eventually crossed the border without having officials board their bus.

Source: Female First

I loved this part, you should download it just for this part if you haven’t already! ๐Ÿ˜€

"Chaotic" Played On Australian Radio

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Hey guys,

I have some Great News! ‘Chaotic’ was officially played tonight on Australia’s ‘Hot 30 Countdown’ for the first time!! It was so cool and I also Voted on air for it! The record company must have let them play it! I had been bugging them to play it for ages! I can try and upload the audio of it if guys want me to? They played the 2.32 version! PLEASE GUYS START VOTING FOR IT NOW ONTO THE COUNTDOWN!! By visiting: and click on ‘Vote’ on the menu bar and type in ‘Chaotic – Britney Spears’ in the ‘Voting Poll.’ Come On guys PLEASE VOTE!

Also ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative’ DVD Re-entered the Official Australian DVD Top 40 chart at #18!! Which is really good and it’s 2x Platinum!!!!!!!

‘Do Somethin’ has fallen to #77 on the ‘i-tunes Top100 Most Wanted Songs’!

Credit: Davide_Rocks

My Thoughts on "Someday (I Will Understand)

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I think it will be a ballad, and I also think it will be like a “goodbye-for-now” song, to finally say goodbye to the industry while she has a baby and gets settled into family life.

As you can read below, Guy Sigworth produced the song. He was also the producer of Everytime. He has also worked with British electro pop band Frou Frou to produce some electro songs.. but I think this new Britney song will be a ballad.

Can’t wait to hear it/see the video ๐Ÿ˜€


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NEW YORK, June 8 /PRNewswire/ — “Someday (I Will Understand)” the new
single from Grammy Award winning artist Britney Spears is shipping June 14 to radio. The video directed by Michael Haussman will premiere on the season finale of Britney and Kevin: Chaotic June 14.

“Someday (I Will Understand)” was penned by Britney Spears. The song was produced by Guy Sigsworth. Britney Spears has sold over 60 million albums worldwide since her debut album in 1999.

For further information on Britney Spears please contact Sonia Muckle at