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Positive Feedback From Star Magazine About Chaotic

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Star ask some questions to the readers of the magazine about the new Britney TV reality show, and heres the results:

Did you like Chaotic?:
Yes: 78%
No: 22%

Are you gonna watch it again?
Yes: 80%
No: 20%

After watching the show, did you like Kevin more?
Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Do you prefer the Sweet Britney or nautghy Britney?
Sweet: 93%
Nautghy: 7%

Source: TV Tome

Pics: Britney Buying Milkshakes With HUGE Bump (June 1st)

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Britney Spears with America rocks t-shirt buying more junk food, a huge vanilla milkshake with chocolate and cream at a Malibu stand. The star is four months pregnant.

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WOAH! She’s huge for 4 months.. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s 5 months plus because that really is big! After all, nothing has been officially confirmed, all we know is that it’s due sometime in Autumn.

Full People Magazine Interview

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Due this fall, Britney Spears talks about motherhood, morning sickness and taking a long break from show business

She craves pickles and ice cream (really!); he good-naturedly shrugs at his wife’s hormonal meltdowns. Yes, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are having a baby – and life, they say, has never been sweeter.

Seeing their baby’s image in a sonogram for the first time, “I was speechless,” says Spears, 23, who is due this fall. “You know, you can’t really say anything. I was emotional. I think it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Beyond battling “horrible” morning sickness, the mom-to-be says she is reveling in her second-trimester curves and embracing the emotional roller coaster. “I find being pregnant empowering,” she says. “I think it brings out a pure side of you, and I think that’s cool.” Says Federline: “I think she’s a cute little mama.” As for the expectant dad, “he’s kind of following along with me,” says Spears. “He’s getting a little belly, too!”

The couple, who married last September, spoke with people Los Angeles associate bureau chief Michael Fleeman about baby names, nesting instincts and their hotter-than-ever love life.

What’s been the biggest change for you since learning you were pregnant?
Britney: My hormones are going crazy. I’m very emotional sometimes. I’m really in nesting mode. It kind of sucks because we’re renovating and we’re about to be kicked out because they’re going to have to come inside and elevate the ceilings and stuff like that.

Any memorable hormones-gone-crazy moments?
B: I’ll be watching a movie and instead of crying at the sad part, I’ll cry through the whole movie. 50 First Dates, for instance, and Father of the Bride Part 2 – you know, movies that you’re supposed to cry during but I think I take it to the extreme.

Kevin, how do you react to the hormonal craziness?
Kevin: I laugh.
B: He cries sometimes too! The movie we were just watching was 50 First Dates and he was crying at the end of it too.
K: No, I was crying because she was telling me that I smelled and I needed to take a shower. [Both laugh.]

Let’s pop the big question: boy or girl?
K: We don’t know yet.

Did you choose not to find out?
K: Yeah, we made that decision not to want to know.

K: Well, we’ll find out later on. It just isn’t time for us to find out yet.
B: I just want a healthy baby, really. The closer it gets, we can find out.

Picked any names yet?
B: I have a couple of names from when I was little that I always really liked for girls and for boys, but I haven’t really thought of The Name yet.

No Kevin Jr.? Can you do a Britney Jr.?
B: Noooo.
K: You cannot.
Britney, any cravings?
B: I like pickles and ice cream at night. I still kind of like my tuna. I’ll eat tuna fish with cheese. That hasn’t changed. The one thing that has changed in an obvious way is the pickles and ice cream.

You eat them together?
B: Yes, it’s really weird.

Kevin, do you run out and get this stuff? Can you watch her eat it?
K: I laugh. Yeah, I go out and get it. I try to keep her healthy, keep my baby healthy. I cook breakfast in the morning.
B: His pancakes are better than my mom’s.

Kevin, do you feel like you’ve changed during Britney’s pregnancy?
B: He’s gotten more sensitive toward me.
K: Yeah, knowing that I’ve got to be there more for her. There come times where I have to take care of her a little more. I normally do it anyway. I just know that I’ve got to step it up a little bit.
B: He’s really, really sweet. He already does it. He doesn’t even realize it.

Have you made any plans for when you have the baby? In the hospital? At home?
K: I want to go away to a private island that has the best doctors in the world and not have to see anybody.
B: But that’s not a reality.

Britney, how did you tell Kevin that you were pregnant?
K: Over the phone.
B: Over the phone? I thought – [They talk privately.] We were here in L.A., and I had done several tests because I was expecting something. I just told him. We were really excited.

So this pregnancy was part of the plan?
K: It wasn’t an accident. Definitely not.

How did you share the baby news with your family?
B: I went home and I told my little sister [Jamie Lynn, 14], and she freaked out. She went, “Oh, my God!” She said that she kind of expected it, because we’re so close, so she can sense things like that.

Did you celebrate the night you found out?
K: And every night since. [They laugh.]

Which invites the question: Is the sex different?
B: I think it’s better.
K: Why, there you go.
B: I think it’s better than it was before. I think it’s the best. Sex is crazy good.
K: Hey, I feel the same way.

Do the hormones also swing the other way?
B: I’ve lost my temper like twice. I just get really mad. It’s more of a stubborn attitude. It’s silly.
K: Like Elmer Fudd in those old cartoons, where his face just gets red and steam comes out of his ears.
B: Poor guy.

Kevin, when you look at Britney now, what goes through your mind?
K: Sexy mama!
B: Aaaaaah, you’re supposed to say that, baby.
K: I’m not supposed to say anything. I like it. It’s kind of like a turn-on knowing that she’s having my child.

How are you feeling physically?
B: It changes daily. Some days, my body is so tired for no reason and I just want to sleep. And then there are some days that are workout days. I still work out and stuff, but when you have something inside you, I don’t go at my pace anymore. I just listen to my body.

Tell us about your brief hospital stay in Florida in April.
B: Everything is totally fine. There was just a little bit of bleeding, but we went there, and everything was fine.

Were you scared at the time?
B: Oh God, yes. I didn’t know what was going on.

How did you react, Kevin?
B: He was more scared than probably I was. I was pretty scared, but I knew that everything would be okay. I was just trying to reassure him.
K: I was scared, man. You kind of don’t know what’s going on until you get the A-okay from the doctor.

Did you have any morning sickness initially?
B: Oh yeah, it was horrible.

Every day?
B: Yeah. I still do sometimes, but it’s not as bad.

Do you miss touring?
B: Hell, no! I love being at my home here. It’s great. It’s going to be like a theme park when it’s all done.

Any plans to go back to work?
B: I really do love what I do. But the pace I was going at was ridiculous. I’m going to take time out with my baby, of course. I’m sure there’s going to come a time when I get back to work again, but it’ll be a totally different way of life than it was before.

Have you thought about getting back into shape after the baby?
B: Oh yeah, definitely. My mom said that after she had my brother [Bryan, 28] – that was her first child – that was the best her body had ever looked. She said having a child inspired her. Hopefully I’ll take on the same thing.

Britney, has spending time with Kevin’s kids [Kori, almost 3, and Kaleb, 11 months] prepared you in some way?
B: I love being around kids. At one point I wanted to quit and just be a dance teacher. But I think having your own child is completely different. As much as I have been around them, it has helped me a little bit. There’s just the familiarity of having his child with us. It just puts you in that frame of mind of motherhood.

How has Kevin changed?
B: I think our love is growing. It sounds clichéd and cheesy, but it’s true.

Any thoughts of putting your child in the business?
In unison: Hell, no!
B: We think a child can go to school, go to college, and
when they’re old enough to make their own decision, they can.

Do you want more kids?
B: I want three kids, yeah.

Picture your child reading this 10 years from now. What message do you want to send?
K: I want my kids to know that I love them.
B: I just want them to know what a miracle and a change they’re going to bring to our lives and how excited we are. They’re going to make a huge difference in our lives. It’s awesome. It’s a miracle.

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Britney & Kevin Interview/Cover Story In The Next "People" Magazine

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They talk about the baby–It was planned. (Not surprising.)

They talk about sex (of course)–It’s better than ever.

They talk about Britney’s cravings–She likes pickles with vanilla Breyers’ ice cream.

Britney making a comeback–She wants to spend time with her baby but she’s sure that they’ll come a time when she’ll want to get back to work but things will definitely be different than they were before. (That’s almost verbatim.)

They don’t know the sex of the baby(or so they tell the magazine).

The cover pic is a photo that was taken around the time of show promotions. I think all of the pictures used were those taken in Arizona because, if I recall correctly, she still has the brown hair in them.

This is just a wrap up of what I saw on both ET and E! News

Credit: tweetyfan8

I also heard that the interviewer who did this interview with them, said that Britney said she was done with touring and wouldn’t be doing it anymore! 🙁

Chaotic Episode 3 Ratings Down 27% From Episode 2

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Perhaps Britney Spears would have been better off saving herself for her wedding day a la “Newlywed” Jessica Simpson. At least that would have added some element of suspense to her new show, UPN’s “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.”

It’s one thing to read rumors about the pop princess’s sex life in the tabloids. It’s quite another to watch it play out on TV, where Spears’ dull new show is bombing.

Last night the third episode of the show posted a 1.1 rating among viewers 18-49, according to Nielsen overnights. That’s a 26.6 percent drop from episode two’s 1.5 last week, and a 42.1 percent drop from the 1.9 rating the premiere earned two weeks ago.

It’s also down by almost a third from the May 17 premiere among total viewers, averaging just 2.47 million last night. At this rate, Britney may average fewer viewers than Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey do on MTV, and that’s a little embarrassing considering the latter is on cable.

“Chaotic” chronicles the romance between Spears and future husband Federline through home video shot by the couple while on tour.

Those videos mostly consist of Brit and Kevin talking about sex, talking about when they will have sex, and talking about the sex they just had. There’s no plot, no suspense and no fun, especially when Spears turns philosophic: “Love to me is a lot of things. Love is respect. Love is commitment. Love is honesty. Love is trust. Love is not just love. Love is all of those things combined.” She added: “My love doesn’t scare me. Others people’s love scares me.”

During the first episode, the sex talk was heaviest. Spears asked her dancers what their favorite sex position was and bragged that she and Kevin had sex three times in a day.

Source: Media Life Magazine