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Britney Tops TRL Most Played Chart

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Here’s a top 10 list pointing out how many days different artists’ videos spent on TRL. Britney Spears tops this list with her videos being 959 times on MTV’s Total Request Live. The Backstreet Boys are next with 649 times.

01. Britney Spears (959)
02. Backstreet Boys (649)
03. *N Sync (616)
04. Eminem (606)
05. Christina Aguilera (552)
06. Limp Bizkit (430)
07. Blink-182 (375)
08. Jennifer Lopez (365)
09. Korn (357)
10. 98º (304)

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Kevin Didn't Aknowledge Son's First Birthday

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No matter how many exclusive interviews, magazine features and reality shows in which Britney Spears and Kevin Federline participate, there are still going to be some people who try to paint Britney’s hubby as a deadbeat dad. And in all honesty, he did leave his pregnant long-term girlfriend for a popstar, so it’s hard to be surprised when you hear that perhaps his parenting skills aren’t quite up to par. Kevin’s latest foul-up as a papa came last Wednesday when his son with actress Shar Jackson turned one. According to Shar’s spokesperson, baby Kaleb’s big day “came and went without a visit, present or phone call from Kevin or Britney.” While this story certainly makes Federline out to be the bad guy, you have to wonder about a mother who would publicize that sort of snub on Page Six.

Source: The Bosh

Rumour: Britney And Lynne's Public Row

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An eyewitness on the set of Zoey 101, the TV show staring Britney Spears’s younger sister Jamie Lynn, 14, tells Star Magazine “Britney was screaming at her mom. She was furious, swearing and cursing. Her mom burst into tears at one point but Britney didn’t seem to care or notice.”
The fight erupted just as Britney, 23, and Lynn, 50, were leaving the set for the day.

“Britney began yelling at her, saying that her father [Jamie, 52] was sometimes not there for her and that Kevin will be the best father for her baby,” the witness said.

“Britney’s mom got really upset and began to cry. She told Britney Spears that her father does love her and that he did the best he could for the children.

“But Britney just wouldn’t listen. She got into her car and sped off, screaming ‘F**k you, momma! ‘Everyone was really shocked and stunned.”

Source: Bosh

Remember that this is from Star magazine (the magazine which Britney has publically bashed and they published a string of rumours in return)

Rumour: Madonna To Throw Britney A Kabbalah Baby Blessing

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Pop queen MADONNA is determined to give BRITNEY SPEARS’ baby a Kabbalah welcome to the world – and is organising a special blessing for the new arrival.

The MATERIAL GIRL is a devout follower of the mystical offshoot of Judaism, and according to British newspaper The People, she is keen to enlist the TOXIC star’s child into the following.

And Spears, who is expecting her baby in September (05), is becoming increasingly intrigued by Madonna’s way of life.

A source says, “Madonna introduced her to the faith and Britney keeps ringing her to find out more.”

Source: Contact Music

Pics: Britney At "Magic" Nail Salon In Los Angeles (July 22nd)

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Soon to be mum, popstar Britney Spears seems in fine spirits as she visits a local nail salon for an afternoon of pampering in Los Angeles. Britney was spotted with a huge diamond on her finger and it looks as if her trademark long extensions are back after being photographed last week without them. She is also seen carrying a glass of ice cubes to help cool down in the sweltering Malibu heat, and she was also sporting some interesting marks on the back of her left hand which look similar to bruises, but this is not confirmed.

Thanks a lot to TangibleBrit/Publicity for the HQ’s!

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