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Update For UK Fans

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I have been receiving a LOT of email regarding when “Someday” will officially premier on UK TV and radio and also when “Chaotic” will start airing on TV.

The answer is: nothing is confirmed yet, but both will be soon!

(As I posted last month, “Someday” aired on BBC Radio 2’s “Love Songs” show but it isn’t officially on any playlist yet)

Britney To Have Kabbalah Baby Blessing 9 Days After Due Date

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PREGNANT BRITNEY SPEARS is planning a special Kabbalah blessing for her baby.

The singer has booked the wacky religious group’s Los Angeles headquarters for the September ceremony nince days after the tot is due.

She hopes to invite up to 70 friends and fellow followers.

Britney is now a fully paid-up Kabbalah member, following in the footsteps of her mentor MADONNA.

The Queen of Pop first introduced Britney to the group and the pregnant star now credits Kabbalah with turning her life around.

Brit has been taking private lessons at the LA centre where Madge worships with hubby GUY RITCHIE.

Guests will include Madonna and Guy, plus DEMI MOORE and her boyfriend ASHTON KUTCHER, who both worship there regularly.

No doubt they will use lots of expensive Kabbalah water to wet the baby’s head.

It sells for a hefty £6 a bottle and devotees claim it has healing powers. Madge once reckoned it helped cure Guy’s verrucas. Ever since Britney announced she was pregnant by hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE fans have been guessing what the baby will look like. I can’t wait to see the tot either.

If Britney has a boy, she will have to decide whether to have him circumcised eight days after the birth, as is the Jewish tradition.

It’s all a bit much for the singer, who found fame as a God-fearing baptist and did not believe in sex before marriage.

A string of lovers, two husbands and a tarnished reputation later, and she has now turned to Kabblah, which preached the value of having lots of sex. Britney recently said on her website that after Madonna introduced her to the religion, it helped her to “get rid of a lot of negative influences that were guiding me down the wrong path.

“Whatever your religion may be, it’s amazing what the power of prayer can do, it can even perform miracles!”

Let’s see if it can help Britney with the one miracle she really needs – another hit record.

Source: The Sun (typed out by me from today’s edition so CREDIT if you take this, it ISN’T on the Sun online’s website!)